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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cynicism at its best

If you did not actually know for a fact that this is the real Walid bin Talal, what would your reaction be?

I watch his body language and the background, and wonder, what the hell?


Blogger saint said...

I did not like this to you Yazan, I still think you are more intelligent to be fooled by the campaign against KSA.
Please be patient with me and consider where I live and what do I see on US TV and how we look at things from this corner. Let me explain, I have no connection to KSA and I do not admire their system, but I think that they are in harmony with their system. Princes count in hundreds of thousands and kings replacing the Khalifa system they used to.

This guy for sure is not my type and even some of his pronunciation made me laugh, Washovia instead of Wachovia. But he own the four seasons in Damascus, for this alone he could be respected and his country respected comparing with the thieves who stole billions and did not build a stone in the same country. He could close the hotel in flash of a second, and guess who will be disappointed and angry; it is not him but the thieves.
But let me give you my prospective on such video, lets see another video for a man I do respect from the gulf area – Qatar, who mange their diversified fund. Here the interview of Shiekh Jabir with Charlie Rose: http://video.google.com/videosearch?hl=en&q=H.E.%20Sheikh%20Hamad%20bin%20Jassim%20bin%20Jabr%20Al%20Thani&um=1&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=wv#

The issue should not be if this man snap or not, it is more important to see real and fake.
The minister is the head of Qatar investment fund: http://www.qia.qa/QIA/faq.html
They invest the same like prince Walid in the USA, but in low style and there are many other Arab and non Arabs from the third world invest big time on the levels of billions mostly for individuals. The problem is not with those, the problem with the ones who are hiding their money and impeding their country from getting rich and steeling their country wealth and put it under the billow or in cell phones.
Syria is not KSA or Qatar, but Syria has millions working in these countries to make a living for millions in Syria, we should respect our hard working people and not stir the water and spoil their living. The problem who stand beside the country who is hosting the American army and not telling his people that, and not showing two faces as he is the defender of the Arab National and praying on these ideas. I hope you got what I mean. Sorry of taken too much space.

November 26, 2008 5:03 AM

Blogger Dania said...

Yazan, the video didn’t work, I think it is because of my slow (dial-up) connection, but can you check it if it was working? Thnx!

Saint, Alwalid deserves no more respect than any one else, not because he's got money and he is investing in Damascus that means we should have a thanks giving celebration for him and his country… if he closed the "Four seasons" he will be loosing an investment, and regardless from those thieves, he doesn’t deserve any more respect than any one else.

November 26, 2008 6:59 AM

Blogger Jillian said...

Um, I'd be all "what's up with your mustache and vest, buddy? don't you know this isn't 1986?"


November 26, 2008 11:56 AM

Blogger Yazan said...


First of all I don't appreciate the premise of your whole comment. The fact that I have little or no respect for the Saudi royalty does not come from the fact that I am "fooled by the campaign against KSA.", the world is not black and white, and people are not just pro- or anti-.

Moving on, Syria is not an investment whore (regardless of the fact that they are trying to turn it into one), I dont respect people for just putting money in the country. And the four seasons, Really? Walid bin talal's investments in Syria are emblemic of everything that I despise in this pseudo-economic liberalization policies, i.e. systematic monopalization.

Walid bin Talal's media empire strives to deliver the very worst of the US's sickningly consumerist media. Any one who has watched MBC and its fellow variety of channels can see the not-so-hidden agenda. Fine, that's the media game, he's Arabia's Murdoch, but please dont tell me to respect him.

November 26, 2008 12:31 PM

Blogger saint said...

I think we differ in looking at things. I consider some maters come under black and white and some don’t. For me the thief in my midst is a black and white issue but thieves and wrong doers in other societies are not of immediate concern. In the same society if I have to compare the priority of talking about snobs and thieves I would not forget about thieves and talk about snobs. Also, well you excuse me for not reading all your previous post, I have built perception about your thoughts and I was surprised when I found the post. I have no problem with the post at all if it came in different time, but the timing with other media like Champress, is not for people with principals who like usually to have intellectual stand against right or wrong and do not like to be played by political propagandas. I do not commend the Saudi media in anyway, I know they are dominate and I know that their clash with the regime in Syria is not against Syria but against the regime and the regime will find a way to befriend them again.

Your reaction was a surprise to me, and I will tell you, you have read me wrong, but I would respectfully accept disagreement but not the reaction you have made. Please do not react to the word fooled; I tried to say the timing is not right. You could have disagreed with me as with the most of the oppositions, but please leave a space for voicing different opinions. I did not ask you to respect the guy, I myself, have zero respect for such figures and I have sent you a video to tell you that not all tycoons are erratic and snob.

Dania, One question, your answer was before you see the video or after?
If your response was before seeing the video, someone should tell me more about this prince I do not know. I mentioned his hotel just to emphasize the role of investors and employers, is he not the right one, if this is the case why they allow him to have investment in the country. I need more information.

November 27, 2008 4:51 AM

Blogger Dania said...

Dear Saint,
I said it before seeing it, and I still haven't seen it :)
I don't like that guy but that's no reason for me to disrespect him, but at the same time his "4 seasons" is not a reason for me to respect him.

"in fact, for the fact that he owns that much and still people are starving in many parts of the world and not far away, Gaza, is a push for me to not liking him more" this might sound a little hippie to you but from my perspective, there is something wrong with this global contradiction. I am not saying it is his fault, it maybe it is but I can't prove it"

but…anyway, when you mentioned that "for the investment alone that man and his country deserve respect" it sounds to me that we should cheer for him for that, and you maybe didn’t mean that, but again… his money is no reason to me to respect him more.

Sorry Yazan for taking this a bit far from the original post.

November 27, 2008 7:04 AM

Blogger Yazan said...

What react56n are y64 ta325ng ab64t Saint? You say that my response should not come at a time when pathetic media outlets like Champress (who told I read that pathetic website anyway?) are taking a swing at the Saudis. I say, I could care less. I will criticize the Saudis and The Syrians, I dont have to be with or against. You feel that the world has two sides, I refuse to be on either side. I despise this regime, but that would not prevent me from saying that I despise the Saudi regime 10x more.

I am terribly sorry if I sounded disrespectful to you, that was not my intention. And the fact that this blog never had deleted a comment might tell you a little about the space I leave for other opinions. Nonetheless, I have the right to critisize (not just disagree) with the whole premise of your remark.

I personally feel like a citizen of this world, and think that it is my natural right to voice out my disgust at people like Walid bin Talal just like I would with people like Rami Makhlouf.

Saint, the fact that I am vehemontly opposed to the status quo in Syria, and write frequently about my unease with this regime, does not mean that I have to support its enemies whoever they are. I can be opposed to the regime and still despise George W. Bush, and still write about Walid bin Talal and the rest of the Saudi royalty. I am the one who is surprised that you still dont seem to understand that after reading my blog for so long.

All the best,

November 27, 2008 1:15 PM

Blogger Yazan said...


Be my guest. el-Beit baytek ;)

November 27, 2008 1:16 PM


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