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Sunday, July 13, 2008

On Paris

Seeing our President in Paris gives me a whole set of mixed feelings. It isn’t hard to notice why this is a big event for Syria and Syrians. Ending a horrible 3 years of speculations and dreadful possibilities. The Syrian regime has come out unscathed, stronger and definitely scored much higher than its foes on the credibility scale (ironically enough, that is). They shouldn’t take all the credit though, for what better enemies could you have than the imbecile trio of Bush, the Saudis and the March 14ers. Having the Saudis in a coalition that was oh-so concerned with human rights violations of the regime, was no less comedic than having the March 14ers whining about foreign intervention in Lebanon, and the sectarian nature of Hizbulla. Nonetheless, it would be futile not to admit that they have successfully navigated the most treacherous of waters. As to why did we have to venture there in the first place, that will be up for discussion and disagreement for years to come. No matter what you have to say about them (and there is a lot to be said), I can’t say I’m not enjoying this break from that constant stream of ignorant (if not flat out racist and hypocritical) media portrayal of Syria.

On the other hand, as beautiful and elegant our First Gentleman and First Lady look together as they walk down that red carpet, I can’t help wondering whether people like Michel Kilo, Anwar al-Bunni or Aref Dalileh even cross their minds as they smile and shake hands. As they walk triumphantly through the streets of Paris, what kind of a country do they think of, that country that they left behind. What do they think of that? The poverty, the corruption, the pollution, the monopolies, and the stagnant social, educational, political and cultural life. What about Seydnaya?

I know this post might raise some eyebrows. But I think, it is very sad to see how we are coerced, everyday, to live our lives in that narrow space of black and white, wrong and right. I, for one, don’t feel like I can play that game. That being said, it does not mean that I am simply neutral. I am, and will always be, strongly opinionated. The fact is, I would feel like a hypocrite if I had to tweak or modify (no matter how little) my own sense of the world just so I can join one of them (camps), and be “opinionated”. It would be, and let me quote Wassim on this one, more like “Political cheerleading”.


Blogger yaser said...

well said ,
I agree that breaking the isolation that was forced on us is very important ,but on other hand we have to keep pressure to make sure that the benefits of such openess could be reaped by the people and not to further strengthen the hold of the regime.
just my 2cents..

July 14, 2008 2:38 AM

Anonymous razan said...

something is not right, ever since Hezbolla took over Beirut and everything now strategically changed, allies are now reconsidered, so are enemies.
which makes me wondering, aren't Hezbolla's riots in beirut what have got syria out of its political/economical isolation (in Qatar and in Paris)?
this is not to say that the 14ers or the US and Israel aren't interfering in the region and especially in Lebanon/Iraq/Palestine, but no one can now say that Hezbolla is "merely" a "resistance" power, it has now become political, only political, and i am not saying this is wrong, what i am saying is that it's the time to name things as they are and to read the currents accordingly.

July 15, 2008 4:49 PM

Anonymous Kristina said...

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July 17, 2008 5:34 PM

Blogger poshlemon said...


thanks for this great post. You wrote down my thoughts. I agree with you. I am also very glad that Syria is taking a break from the ongoing and continuous negative portrayal it has been receiving throughout.

As for Seydnaya... this is definitely not the right way to deal with things.

July 18, 2008 12:54 AM

Anonymous Sam said...


Nice post, and deep down I want to agree, however, I am so glad you mentioned the country that’s left behind. I don't care much about the Saudis or March 14 people, we all know what they truly represent, however, I care very much about Aref Dalila and Michel Kilo et al. However much things change for Syria, the thought of Aref, Michel, Anwar, Kamal and many more obscures my vision and makes me very angry at such contrast. I know that Syria will only be on a superficial and cosmetic road while these people are humiliated in prison.

I can't share the jubilation of Paris, all I see is the disgusting treatment of great Syrians while they are thrown in solitary confinement just because they wanted the best for their country way back. If Syria did what they said years ago we would have been in a better place now. Now Syria is doing what they asked for but at what cost? What further concessions has our country conceded for this photo-op? The regime isn’t clever nor did they play it right. They did what they have done since 1974, which is “wait and see”, we have been lucky that some things worked Syria’s way for the moment, and because like you said the “opposition” had no leg to stand on. That doesn’t give me confidence for the future. Fina Total came to Syria years ago and Syria was in control. Why did they screw up the deal then, only to reinstate the deal today, but at what cost. What kind of a strategy is that but a strategy of total incompetence and contempt? Until that new photo appears, my views will never change, Paris or not.

July 18, 2008 10:22 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree mostly. Are you still gay?

July 18, 2008 10:59 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear yazan,
it sounds kind of hypocritical to be defending al bunni and co while not understanding the nature of the blame we the march 14ers have for the syrian regime.
Alot of ppl on our side are greatly admired by those political prisoners u are defending in saydnaya and other places. Wake up and smell the coffee my friend.
From beirut, with love

October 02, 2009 6:01 AM


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