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Wednesday, February 06, 2008

For Tariq

It is important, to sound out. Even if very few will hear.

It is important to try, just try, to challenge the hegemony of fear.

For what it's worth, We Support Tariq.

[Tariq, is a fellow blogger, who was arrested for leaving a comment on a public forum, criticizing the Security Apparatus.]

Free Tariq Campaign's Main Website.
Sign the Free Tariq Petition.
Razan's extensive coverage on the subject.


Anonymous أمنية said...

and it's important to realize that this tool is no longer an effective one.
it's important not to stop here.
it's important to move to more serious steps.
it's important to look at the Egyptians' "experience"in this issue since they were the first to face such cases, and see how they delt with it.

i know i won't get any reply since i didn't get any either in razan's or ayman's blog, but i don't care:)

u wanna help the guy? you are aiming to make (qadiet ra2i 3am)?then use the right tool.


February 07, 2008 2:41 AM

Blogger laila said...


i took the liberty of borrowing (all) the info in your post

February 07, 2008 4:09 AM

Anonymous Jameel said...

believe it or not, such a thing would be easier in Egypt than in Syria. It is really ironic, but the little space allowed in Egupt is because Egypt is America's ally and the government has to save face infront of the West. Syria, "the last front standing in the face of imperialism and zionism" does not really give a shit because Tariq is simply an american agent, or a zionist one bla bla bla...
so whatever miniscule space enjoyed by activists in Egypt, they have to thank the West for it, because they would be crushed to silence otherwise, the way everyone in Syria has been for the past 4 decades or more.

February 08, 2008 2:36 AM

Blogger poshlemon said...

Exactly, these tools don't work anymore. The Syrian regime is messing up big time. One day, and very soon, it's going to turn against them.

February 10, 2008 1:33 AM

Blogger Lighthouse said...

Yazan,, thanks for distributing this issue.. It always saddened me that people are unaware of this.. I remember that it took long time to convince even my family that "freedom of speech" has nothing to do with politics. it is a natural right of us all. People are horribly afraid to share, open their mouth or ears. I am with what أمنية said "قضية رأي عام"..
with all the monitoring, the censorship and those repressive tools, the voice has to reach..
ما يخيف الضعفاء هو الصوت القوي..حتى لو كان مسكوبا بالحبر..
yazoon,, thanks big time =)

February 13, 2008 4:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yazan when i see syrians like you ,it give me hope for the future of our country and the region.

An Aleppian Bro.

February 22, 2008 12:02 AM


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