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Thursday, July 12, 2007


Alex from Creative Syria, has launched this month's topic for his blogger forum,

If you had the choice what would you change in Syria?

This was my own addition to the debate... [Read the whole article here...]

To define what kind of change is needed in a country like Syria is not an easy mission, and most definitely it is not one without controversy.

I would say, among all the fundamental issues that our country (Syria, in the tightest geographical sense that is) is suffering from at the moment, whether it is a failing economy, a rising sense of consumerism, the issues of democracy and human rights and the constant retreat of secularism against conservatism, among many. The disintegration of our sense of Identity strikes me as the most alarming. (The space is too limited to go into the clear signs of this disintegration.)

Everybody perceives his own identity in a completely different manner. And even within a collective identity, there will always be not-so-subtle differences within every other person, whether it's his choice of religion, ideology or even his choice of music. That being said, for a country, a society to function at its full potential there has got to be a sense of belonging, a collective choice of belonging, that is.

In essence, the kind of change that is needed is one that brings up that topic to the debate. In very few words, one that allows us to do some soul searching.


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