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Thursday, June 21, 2007

Another Story

This story, like every other pointless one, starts, sometime in the first month of 2006, when the freezing wind was blowing the trees off the eastern Mediterranean, the fuse burned and the house that was sheltering the 4 lost souls was sacked into the darkness. Darkness? it's more like darkness, with the sound of your blood freezing in your veins.

Ofcourse, the most natural thing, any 19year old group of syrians would think about at 3am, would be, let's go wander on the Corniche [Sea side].

The absurdity of the idea must've made it a fact, who in their right mind would dare go to the corniche in this unearthly freezing weather, nevermind the wind that was probably shaking the earth right and left.

We set off at my place, after rapping ourselves with every jacket/blouse we can find in the house. Armed with our lonely Cybershot back then.

We walked, we walked, and we walked, it's a real distance from my place to the southern seaside... and If we're gonna kill ourselves, we might as well do it with passion.

Tayyeb, enno we got there.

Bas that's it, we got there, we found an empty "7awieh", and just as, we decided that it is worth the feeling, how does it feel inside a 7awieh, I would say pretty damn normal.

One of us found himself a popcorn stand...

Me, I tried to jiggle myself out of..., well, this...

And then, just like any other story would end, we found a place to empty our bladders [Dont worry we were careful where to pee], and walked back home.

It is obviously of no real point to anyone who might read this, but it is, just like a great part of 2005 and early 2006, one of my fondest memories of those people.

It's amazing how this thing friendship works, how funny every stupid, obscene, absurd thing we do looks like. The amount of memories that you can hold to, the amount of firsts. I mean seriously, how the hell am I gonna get to take care of a guy who's balls were literally about to explode, simply because of too much making out without sex. We had to drive him to the hospital to take an emergency shot.

It's amazing how, everytime I happen to talk to one of them on the phone, it feels exactly as if am lying on my bed in that room and just chit-chatting off the boring afternoons...


Blogger Omar said...

I know exactly what you mean. it's amazing how those random nights with no pre-planning are the ones which stick in our minds.

take care buddy

June 22, 2007 11:36 AM

Blogger abufares said...

You know Yazan, this is exacgtly the story that will bring back memories to each and everyone of us. You took me back 25 years at least. A little more than I wish to admit, but you did it anyway.

June 22, 2007 5:49 PM

Blogger DUBAI JAZZ said...

thanks for the interesting post yazan, i enjoyed it thoroughly... those friends who are ready to go the distance of doin' all the frakish things together, those friends are priceless!!!

June 22, 2007 9:28 PM

Blogger tamatem * said...

Sometimes the reminder of a good memory is what keeps us going..
it brings those old smiles back..
but i just dont understand the 7awyeh part... innoo... why??? :S

June 23, 2007 8:30 PM

Blogger Lujayn said...

Nutty, spontaneous moments with close friends - priceless!

June 24, 2007 3:16 PM


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