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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Now what?

Update: This post was a bit emotional. I wrote it when i first heard the news... It's just frustration, with every single thing in that place. How can a country survive if half of the people calls the other "Traitors", and vise versa...

I donno.

Pierre Gemayyel is killed in an attack on his car today in Beirut.

Hariri was quick to accuse the Syrian Regime.

I donno anymore... I definitely donno for sure if THEY did it or not. but, my guts tells me that, No.

But what's worse, is that I donno what's the difference. that it would make.

This is getting surreal, Lebanon is turning into this funny story i can tell my grandkids 50 years from now. The whole middle east seems just so distant, seems exactly like "Scary Movie".

I dont understand those people who can think of saying sth like, "yeah, let the americans leave Iraq immediatly.." leave it, to do what? for whom?!
We all know how much mes it is, and if something, it's THEIR job to make it right... levae where u idiot..!?

I realized that I dont care anymore,
Fuck, THEY CHOSE THIS FUCKING MESS. I dont give a damn what logical explanations u have. but they had the chance, and they elected Aoun and Junblatt and Hariri, and Nasrallah.

Kess ekht hal balad, ma ra7 tet3almo.

Fuck, I'm angry.

I was talking with shirine about Ziad's latest articles. and she actually dared to say that Ziad, Ziad Rahbani, "3am ye2bad men Nassrallah."

I didnt know what to answer her.

Just like that, with such an ease, because he has a different perspective of things. now Ziad Rahbani, is an Agent for the syrian regime. and the "Shiite Iranian plot".


I dont agree with him. I dont like some words in his articles. but he's Ziad. yel3an deenkon, Ziad 3allamkon shu ma3na tekoono lebnanieh wa2t ma kan feekon tekoono gher sunna w shi3a w khara.

It annoys when a Lebanese tries to tell ME, a Syrian. What the regime did to them... It's hillarious.

Fuck. I love that country, but... it's sad...


Blogger Omar said...

now what? it's simple amigo.. same old record of accusation and denial. the funny thing is: I don't think it matters to anyone who killed who these days.. as long as the death can be used as a political crosshair.
I can go on rambling about conspiracy theories about reasons why this guy was killed, but what matters now is that he's dead.. and as usual.. we'll have to sit and wait.
as ziad said to his "7akeem": wa7ad ou wa7ad wa7dein.. doesn't matter that they add up to to.. what matters is that they're both there, and what comes out of their union is something else.

but I guess we all have to be crazy to understand this.

November 22, 2006 3:33 AM

Blogger Abu Takla said...

one more minister they kill and the cabinet is automatically dissolved. This is the point, the international tribunal will not be approved by Lebanon after this cabinet is dissolved, this is he main point.
As for choosing Jumblat and Aoun and etc... this is not the point, change does not take place over-night, there should be a democratic political process, but we are not having a chance to do so.
Anyway, everything is disgusting, there is one thing to know though, Lebanon will not be safe unless Syria is a democracy, and all other countries in the region for that matter. Which means we will have to wait for at least 2 more generations.

November 22, 2006 6:05 AM

Blogger Shady Zayat said...

I'm speechless

November 22, 2006 10:06 AM

Blogger Ihsan said...

I'm bored with the Lebanese accusations. I mean come on, they don't need democracy, what they need is BRAINS!

A bunch of warlords and corrupts are ruling them (democratically) and yet, when any assassination is to go again, we hear voices about Syria or voices saying: "I wonder who did it?"!

Nobody seems to use the logic of "Who is the beneficiar?"

The talk that one or two more ministers to go and the current government dissolves automatically is none sense. The government wouldn't have lasted long in any case. They knew that and this is why this assassination come to be at the time where Hezbollah and Auon were about to take it to the streets!

Lebanon will never be safe, not because of Syria, but because Lebanese are sectarians by nature and the fun thing is when a Lebanese person says that Syria needs democracy in order for Lebanon to be safe! We are ruled by one family in Syria, they are ruled by few families, the same families ever since Lebanon came to existence!

And yeah, if you don't agree with a Lebanese, even if you are a Lebanese, you support the Syrian-Iranian ally that was formed to destroy Lebanon!

November 22, 2006 2:35 PM

Blogger Bint El Golan said...

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November 27, 2006 7:23 AM


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