"To the impartial eye, the world not only seems an unlikely one-off phenomenon, but a constant strain on reason. If reason exists, that is, if a neutral reason exists. So speaks the voice from within. So speaks Joker's voice." - Jostein Gaarder

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Like home

I just finished my exams, nothing much, at least I got my A in maths...

I'm still doing the Dorm-cast thingy.. just need time..

on another note, he's posting stuff that makes me feel like home...

مدينتي لاذقية....لاذقيتي اله...الهي حبيبتي....حبيبتي مدينة

Sunday, October 15, 2006

من أوراق أبو نواس

كنت في كربلاء
قال لي الشيخ أن الحسين
مات من أجل جرعة ماء ..
كيف السيوف استباحت بني الأكرمين
فأجاب الذي بصرته السماء :
انه الذهب المتلألئ : في كل عين .
إن تكن كلمات الحسين
وسيوف الحسين
وجلال الحسين
سقطت دون أن تنقذ الحق من ذهب الأمراء
أفتقدر أن تنقذ الحق ثرثرة لشعراء ؟
و الفرات لسانٌ من الدم لا يجد الشفتين.


مات من أجل جرعة ماء
فاسقني يا غلام .. صباح مساء
اسقني يا غلام
علني بالمدام
أتناسى الدماء

الرائع أمل دنقل - من أوراق أبو نواس - الورقة السابعة

*This poem, has been with me, for a long time, playing inside my head, since the first time i read it, it stuck there... This "Waraqa" is one of my favorite among "the Awraq..."

You can read the whole poem Here, plz do, its an amazing festive of words and emotions.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

For Her

The once in a life time that happened twice,
The butterfly that never leaves my forehead when I sleep,
The blistering taste of sipping my morning nescafe from my blue "Love is..." mug,
The unconcious feeling of shivering when she touches my skin, ever so softly,
The point where it all started, The reason why it all started,

For that 5 that never left my veins,

I give, 8 words, of...

A Star,
A Tree,
And a lot, a lot of Christmas Gifts.

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Chronicles of Syrian Expats

It opens ur eyes wide, to things u never thought of, to facts that u always believed they'd be right there. It takes away solid ground and replaces it with sands that pull u down, it takes away ur serenity and replaces it with noises, just as it takes away that noise that used to be ur music and replaces it with thick silence. It pulls deeper, deep down, through ur brain, to ur heart. It makes u see more clearly, but more cruelly...

These are the jottings of people, although they never saw me, while writing themselves they were crying my heart through...

Omar's Deconstructed Life
I am going through a period of refusal these days.. refusing any imposed concepts and ideas..refusing what's generally referred to as the "general rules".... I have lived my life following rules I don't believe in.. now, I just can't do it anymore... we only have a few dozens of years on this eath.. how many of them will we spend working hard to please other people.. even if those people are complete strangers?

Ihsan's Thoughts And Notes
It was because he knew that one day, I will stop feeling his presence…I will stop remembering him before going to bed, I will stop going to the cemetery to pay him my usual visit that didn't stop until recently. He knew it all, he closed his eyes for the last time, knowing that I will forget about him.

Abu Fares's Tartoussi World
I tossed in bed for an hour or two. Deep inside, I knew that this is decision time. There was a right turn and there was a left turn. There wasn’t any straight road ahead. The last time I took a left turn was two years earlier, when I decided to stay in the United States and work there. Another left turn was much more complicated this time. I had no idea how many years would pass, if ever, before I would even consider asking the question again: “Why don’t I go back home?” I was making my way to the crest of the wave of my advancing career. The further I would climb the tougher it would be to stop, retrace my steps and make that right turn and head back to Tartous. Too much was at stake. Like an athlete contemplating an early retirement while still ahead, I made up my mind and slept very well after all.

The only things in common, is the after-taste, the bitter after-taste of these words...

We owe it to the school of "Gherbe" as my Friend in the Far East put it in his comment...

A toast to this school of Gherbe...

A toast, to Omar, Ihsan, to Me, and most of all, to Abu Fares...

A toast to those damn turns, and a toast to any push into any turn, instead of staring at ur spot...

Friday, October 06, 2006

ضمير مستتر

He says...

الولاد الصغار شو وسخين....كتير وسخين
شوفوا هيدوني الولد و البنت القاعدين عند البحر...قديشون وسخين...كلون غبرة و وحل وهبرنة...أنتو و عم تلاحظوا قديشون وسخين لاحظوا شلون ناطرين منظر الشمس هي وعم تغيب...أنتو و عم تلاحظوا قديشون وسخين لاحظوا كيف عم يرجف هو و عم يلزق كتفو بكتفها...أنتو و عم تلاحظوا قديشون وسخين لاحظوا قديشكون نضاف....ليش كل ما نكبر منصير أنضف؟؟
Maad now has a blog.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Learn From The Syrians: That's What To Do With Your Intellectuals

‘Aref Dalilah (m), aged around 63, former dean of the faculty of economics of Aleppo University
04 October 2006

Amnesty International is gravely concerned about the deteriorating health of prisoner of conscience, Aref Dalilah. According to reports, he recently suffered a stroke and is now completely numb down the left side of his body, and his left hand and foot are swollen. ‘Aref Dalilah is demanding access to medical care independent of the prison authorities, which the authorities have apparently repeatedly refused to provide in the past.

˜Aref Dalilah was reportedly given a brain scan, but there is no information available as to the results. He has suffered from ill-health for much of his imprisonment since September 2001. In April 2002, he suffered from deep vein thrombosis (a blood clot within a deep vein which can either partially or completely impede blood flow in the vein. It has potentially serious consequences such as a fatal pulmonary embolism or blood clot in the lung). Although it left him in urgent need of appropriate medication and specialist medical care, he was apparently returned to prison before receiving either. He also suffers from diabetes, high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat.

He has apparently been held in solitary confinement for three years, which is likely to have had a detrimental effect on his physical and mental health. He is being held in a small cell which does not allow him to the opportunity for physical exercise.

Aref Dalilah was arrested in September 2001 after having taken part in a political seminar earlier that month in the house of parliamentarian and former prisoner of conscience, Riad Seif (see UA 226/01, MDE 24/029/2001 and updates). He is the longest serving prisoner of several pro-democracy civil society activists arrested and given custodial sentences purely for the peaceful expression of their beliefs. They were active during the so-called “Damascus Spring”, a period following the President Bashar al-Assad’s inauguration speech where he indicated an intention to increase tolerance for free speech and to allow political reforms. There followed the establishment of a number of forums where public affairs, political reforms and cultural issues were discussed which concluded with the authorities’ clamp down on this new freedom of _expression in early 2001. By the summer of that year many of the people who had taken part in these forums were arrested and sentenced to prison terms for exercising their right to freedom of _expression (see AI report Syria: Smothering freedom of _expression: the detention of peaceful critics, MDE 24/007/2002, June 2002 here. Aref Dalilah was sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment by the Supreme State Security Court (SSSC), whose procedures fall far short of international standards for fair trial, on charges of “attempting to change the constitution by illegal means.”