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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Arabs For Israel?

Before diving into this really dangerous area, few facts I'd like to clarify.

- Any form of hate, racism and discrimination against anyone on the basis of religion or ethnicity is totally rejected.
- Modern history proves that states can no longer be built around religion.
- Israel IS now a fact, Arab world should understand that, so they can deal with it the best way they can.
- They who call for the "Destruction of Israel" are as racist as the ones who refuse "The Right of Return" for the hundreds of thousands of homeless palestinians.
- Any form of violence, killing, torture against civilians [Israelis or Palestinians] is absolutly rejected.

Now, what triggered this was a new website called, Arabs For Israel,

Now, although I might be one of the most enthusiasts for the inter-cultural aproach to this whole conflict, what this site is offering can only make me sick.

In the Who Are We, section they say..

Every major World religion has a center of gravity. Islam has Mecca, and Judaism certainly deserves its presence in Israel and Jerusalem.

I said, Israel is a fact now, but that DOES NOT in any way change the fact that the creating of the State of Israel, is a very ill conduct of international politics and a disgusting preview of extreme power. Another example that especially bitter for us Syrians, is the annexation of Iskandaron, or what is now called Hatai. Although it's a turkish land now, and thats a fact we are dealing with. that doesnt change anything that it was an illegal conduct or disgusting WWII politics.
No, they dont have the right to gather people from all over the world just because 3000 years ago their prophet lived there.

We stand firmly against suicide/homicide terrorism as a form of Jihad.

ofcourse, everybody is, but where's the "We stand firmly against discrimination, massacres, occupation..... etc. against palestinians."???

Palestinians have several options but are deprived from exercising them because of their leadership, the Arab League and surrounding Arab and Moslem countries who do not want to see Palestinians live in harmony with Israel.

And Israel is playing a great role in letting palestinians chose their own options right?

If Palestinians want democracy they can start practicing it now.

They did [regardless of the result, democracy is not the push of a button, its a culture that needs to grow, and it always has to start somewhere], and how did Israel, the World react?

Arabs must end the boycott of Israel.

Excuse me? Am I supposed to buy Apples from my own Golan Heights that says "Made In Israel"... how the hell do u have the decensy to call for the end of boycott, while the EU still boycotts any product of the occupied territories [Gaza, West Bank, Golan Heights].

I would love to be a part of a project that calls for a bi-national modern state, a project that advocates love instead of war, that dovactes peace, that advocates justice for all the parties involved.
But, this is disgraceful.

What is more disgusting is the people who actually try to compare with a great initiative like Friends of Syria.


Blogger Omar said...

I agree on all the points you made in the beginning of your post.

I have a feeling that this organization is not made of genuine Arabs. This wesbite is clearly biased, and frankly, it's an extremely cheesy attempt at "masi7 joukh", that is, if Arabs were truly behind the making of this website

July 03, 2006 3:04 AM

Anonymous Ahmad Nassri said...

I only read the first paragraph in your post, clicked on the link read the first couple of lines in the Who Are We section and stopped ... I know exactly what these people are trying to do ... money ... that's what they are after, you see writing a book in North America is a BIG thing, if you wrote a book and it got published, you are swimming in dollars and honey flavored nickles !!!

what's really dumb though is that people like that start making statments about islam and quote things from the quran that absolotly make no sense at all ... what do they think cuz they put it in a book and on a website it will become true or that people will believe it !?

thanks for the post yazan, and thank you for taking your time to read it and discuss it ... I've been fighting and discussing people like this for a looooooooooong time, eventually my soul got tired, i can't do it anymore ... hope you don't loose that like me ...

July 03, 2006 6:55 AM

Anonymous joeturner said...

Actually, the EU has a preferential trade agreement with the West Bank and Gaza - you can buy products with a 'made in west bank and gaza' label.

Admittedly not very many at the moment and many products are probably still arriving in Europe that originated in Palestine with a 'Made in Israel' label, even though they're not meant to.

We're working on it. Although fruit is going to be difficult.

July 06, 2006 8:08 PM


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