"To the impartial eye, the world not only seems an unlikely one-off phenomenon, but a constant strain on reason. If reason exists, that is, if a neutral reason exists. So speaks the voice from within. So speaks Joker's voice." - Jostein Gaarder

Thursday, June 29, 2006

One World

One of the most beautiful things about being here [and few] is the amazing fact of Multi Culturalism in each classroom...

My Class...
Ming [Vietnam], Alex [Tanzania], Anga [Indonesia], Me [Syria], Tunde [Hungary], Ga [Vietnam], CK [Malaysia], Ariuna [Mangolia], Jack [Thailand]...

Saturday, June 24, 2006

A brown "Sedrieh"

Do u remember that brown uniform we used to wear to preparatory school, do u remember the shades of brown, and how each "level" of browness sayed sth about this kid, the "folar".. some had the really neat folar with the Tala2e3 al-baath logo in needle work and "Joze", in colors.. while the majority used the all famous "one tie" that u never were able to untie...
I moved a lot for a kid in prep school.. From Imad Ali public school that was near my granps place where we were staying, I remember the headmaster, bald, clean, a frightening figure for a 7 year old boy...
He once was so angry at me because I had a "banky" hair cut, i was like 2nd grade, we were lining up and doing the "ta7iet al-3alam", he called me up infront of the WHOLE school... and he asked me "shou 2ases sha3rak", I said "carre", I can still hear the laughin voices in my head...
In this school I got my first lesson of "wasta" when the teacher's daughter was cried her eyes out because she wasnt elected "3arreefeh" and I the "freely" elected 3arreef had to step down.. ofcourse the teacher was kind enough to name me "na2eb 3arreef".
I was every teacher's pet in prep school, when mom decided to move to "al-Karmel" private school, the headmaster practically begged her not too, because "Private" schools will only "ruin" me.
But there it was, I was at 4th grade in Karmel, I got my first lesson of "religious" discrimination there.. lol, ofcourse mom came to school and made a scene, and they were soo freaking nice afterwards it made me sick actully, I dont have much memories about that year, I didnt feel like school, we had a great yard and stuff, bas the main ingredients of school to me was the "Brown Sedrieh" so I can go nuts with the pens and inks instead of the stupid blue thing that gets staind every other second and consequently me getting some real "bahdale" back home.
and OFCOURSE OFCOURSE the favorite game of all time "rekkedeh", comon people, WHAT IS SCHOOL WITHOUT REKKEDEH!!! seriously now... I was the fastest in my old school... puff, it was a tough year, I didnt do well in exams too, I used the "mama, al-autocar ma eja, WALLAHI" excuse sooo many times to skip school.. and I BEGGED MY MOM to move me back to another public school..
in 5th class, I was back playing rekkedeh, and eating "da22a", my god I love that thing, its a genius invention.
Do u remember how substitute teachers used to walk in the school yard during breaks with the stick and start ruining the fun of rekkedeh...
Th joy when u wear shorts that are shorter than ur sedrieh, and the freedom u feel down there...
The best part was the going back home after dawam ba3d aldeher days... it used to take like an hour for a 10 minute walk, quarling, following ur crush, playing football in the middle of the street, or just walking.
I remember tht on saturdays and sundays Future TV had a "Disney Morning", so I'd wake up like 4:30 am, sneak to the living room and watch 2.30h of unstoppable, gummie bears, goofy goof, micky, mighty ducks, winnie the pooh, and ofcourse my ever lovely The little Mermaid...
And then, on saturdays and sundays I used to have "dawam saba7y" so I get back home at the right time when 3alam al-saba7 ends and they have this sooo beautiful "family" movie, ofcourse disney too.. I remember it was always from 1pm - 3pm... I'd sit there, dad would make me one of these super-big melting cheese sandwitches and a HUGE cup of tea, and I'd eat it all in the unconciousness of watching the movie...
and then mom comes at 3, and yells "rou7 ghassel rejlek", everytime we used to have an argument about this, and I was everytime surprised to see that my legs ARE dirty, I mean even if am wearing shorts and playin football, I still donno how they get THAT DIRTY.
The worst time ever is when I had to be "mersal al7ob" between my best friend, and my other female best friend, whom I had a secret crush on for the whole 2 years, I was the one who exchanged the love letters between the 2 love birds. it was a sweet torture though... for an 11 year old boy... donno how exactly that helped make the "now me"...
Btw, I read Jubran's "al2rwa7 almotamarredeh" and "al2jne7a almotakassera" for the first time then.. and they made a huge imprint on me.. untill now..
I was elected again as 3arreef, and this time I took the job "seriously" probably too seriously, because although I got a "Mar7a" for how good I ran the class, and how fast I got them to line up and stuff... they never really voted for me again...
I could go on, for days.. so we'll just call it tonight...

Shar7 almofradat, for those of u who werent lucky enough to go to prep school in syria..
Sedrieh : The uniform for prep school students in syria, Brown for public schools and blue for private
Banky : A VERY popular haircut at the time.
Wasta : corruption??
3arreef : head of class.
na2eb 3arreef : an imaginary position invented by the evil teacher, supposedly means the vice-3arreef.
rekkedeh : the game where a team has to catch the other team, basically running through the yard...
da22a : like a powder, salt za3tar and lots of other flavors just mixed and "mat7ooneeen" ma3 ba3d...

Thursday, June 22, 2006


عصفور طل من الشباك وقلي يا نونو
خبيني عندك خبيني دخلك يا نونو
خبيني عندك خبيني دخلك يا نونو

قلتلو انت من وين؟
قلي من حدود السما
قلتلو جايي من وين؟
قلي من بيت الجيران
قلتلو خايف من مين؟
قلي من القفص هربان
قلتلو ريشاتك وين؟
قلي فرفطها الزمان

عصفور طل من الشباك وقلي يا نونو
خبيني عندك خبيني دخلك يا نونو

نزلت ع خدو دمعة وجناحاتو متكية
واتهدا بالأرض وقال... بدي امشي وما فيي
وضميتو ع قلبي وصار يتوجع على جروحاتو
وضميتو ع قلبي وصار يتوجع على جروحاتو
قبل ما يكسر الحبس اتكسر صوتو وجناحاتو

قلتلو خايف من مين؟
قلي من القفص هربان
قلتلو ريشاتك وين؟
قلي فرفطها الزمان

عصفور طل من الشباك وقلي يا نونو
خبيني عندك خبيني دخلك يا نونو

قلتلو لا تخاف اتطلع... شوف الشمس اللي رح تطلع
واتطلع ع الغابة وشاف... أمواج الحرية بتلمع
شاف جوانح عم بتزقزق... من خلف بواب العلية
شاف جوانح عم بتزقزق... من خلف بواب العلية
شاف الغابة عم بتحلق... على جوانح الحرية

قلتلو انت من وين؟
قلي من حدود السما
قلتلو جايي من وين؟
قلي من بيت الجيران
قلتلو خايف من مين؟
قلي من القفص هربان
قلتلو ريشاتك وين؟
قلي فرفطها الزمان

عصفور طل من الشباك وقلي يا نونو
خبيني عندك خبيني دخلك يا نونو
خبيني عندك خبيني دخلك يا نونو
خبيني عندك خبيني دخلك يا نونو
أميمة - عصفور

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

20 Years back in time...

وجه الرئيس بشار الأسد أعضاء القيادة القطرية اليوم الثلاثاء بالمتابعة الميدانية لشؤون المواطنين وملامسة واقعهم المعاشي والاستماع إليهم ومعرفة معاناتهم وإيجاد الحلول الملائمة لها.

ودعا الرئيس الأسد خلال ترؤسه اجتماعا للقيادة القطرية لحزب البعث إلى بذل كل الجهود الممكنة لتحسين الأداء والتفاعل مع قضايا الجماهير وتعزيز دور الحزب في حياتهم والثقة بقدرات القطر ومواقفه والتفاف الجماهير حول قيادته (الحكيمة؟؟؟) منوها ,حسب وكالة (سانا), بالانجازات التي تحققت في العام الماضي وبالدور الايجابي للحزب في حياة الجماهير والوطن سواء من حيث أدائه لمهامه في التخطيط والرقابة والإشراف على مؤسسات الدولة أو من حيث إشارته إلى مواقع الخلل والفساد.

كما استمع الرئيس الأسد من أعضاء القيادة القطرية إلى تقييم لخطط الحزب ومدى تنفيذها في ضوء جولات أعضاء القيادة الميدانية في جميع محافظات القطر, فيما عرضوا لما تم تحقيقه منذ انعقاد المؤتمر القطري العاشر على مستوى مؤسسات الحزب والمنظمات الشعبية والنقابات المهنية وعلى مستوى التطوير الإداري والاقتصادي والخدمي الذي تقوم به الحكومة.

Did they say, Bashar... it looked more like Hafez... oh well, i guess, like father like son eh..?

This is turning into a bitter comidy... they "beystaje7sho" 17.000.000 human beings, publicly...


Friday, June 16, 2006


[every one of these thoughts is a complete independent entity, with absolutly no relation to the next or the previous one]

I'm the kind of person who develops an emotional relationship with the city, I did. I hate Tokyo.

Hate, that's not the worst feeling of it all, for me at least... for, every "Hate" still holds somehow, somekind of "Love" like every other strong feeling.

The worst thing anyone can say to me would be, "I dont love you anymore", the status of "Nothing", it kills me, deep inside it kills me.

How can color or smell, produce tears?

What is self-destruct exactly?

Why are people who demand equality between males and females called "feminists"??? isn't it weird... they're not calling for a feminin rule.

Jerry Sinfield and Steve Jobs are both half syrians btw.

It's amazing how people who cant dream, always try to slip you off yours. even if unconsciously...

In the time span of only 11 minutes u can relive the 6 million years u've lived on this earth, that's not the surprising part. the shocking part is that few people give a fuck.

I read that Aristotle once said that life and death are the same thing,
Now, I'm gonna go head and say Artistotle, tough break my friend, ur wrong.
When life has nothing more to give you, death will always give you another "first", another knowledge, experience of a definite unknown, I feel sad for those who feel that life and death can be the same thing at any giving moment.

The last time I smiled from my heart was 2 days ago n the train, i was reading Bernard Werber's "Empire of the ants" and he asks how can u make 4 triangles out of 6 matches, I smiled cuz I knew, even before I read the guideline "Think differently..."..

I said somewhere that love is just another formula... It's somehow true now, u see, I know 2 people who found a very simple mathematical definition..
1+1=3 <=> the intersection point of 2 "different" "parallel" lines.
This is their Love Formula.

AND YES, I do realize that now both Aristotle and Euclide hate me...

What is YOUR reason?

I hate lens, I love glasses.

I do have somekind of emotional attachment to the Azzuri, ever since I was 8 in 1994 and cried my heart out when Baggio missed that penalty, 1998, 2000, 2002... I donno what it is, but it's definitley not about football... maybe that July 17th night... That World Cup holds the most vivid memories of my childhood.

I'm not a football fan.

The worst thing in the past 2 months is that I've been forced to be conscious the whole time...

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Get up, start doing something...

Start doing something...

Yamen Hussein, A student of Baath "University" [YES I DID PUT IT INSIDE BRACKETS] in Homs, was expelled for a semster because of an article... after being dragged back and forth before the various security apparatus...

See the news bit here...

See the Article here...

Send a support email to Yamen...

Suggest other measures that we can do, sit ins, emails to the ministry of higher education.. or whatever u have in mind...

To other Syrian Bloggers.. BLOG ABOUT THIS.

Other links about this..
Ahmad Kouraiem Blog

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Phrases that make me sick... every, and each time I hear them...
and these were just through last week...

bass since am 19...and i've lived those 19 years in the danb SAME circumestances then sadly i have no hope for a change...and that led me to the "silly" way of living maybe? I wouldnt care much about what's goin on cuz it's all the same...

don't be sad thnk of happy things, just take it easy.

حكي ما بيناسب بيئتنا ولا مجتمعنا

Can't you just get used to it Yaz ?

just deal with the fact and eccept it cuz you know how things work here and you know that no matter what you do this will never change.

srry things don worke liket hat in the reall world u know

Monday, June 05, 2006



Not one of the MANY people who disagreed with me over the years about almost anything, even dared to question my love for this land, and the motives behind my opinions.

Ignorance, is Appauling.
I'm too sick to my stomach to actually reply to that.