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Saturday, February 25, 2006

What about Armenians?!

I promised 2 friends to publish this essay...

That's Why...

Until the first decades of the twentieth century, Armenians were doomed to extinction, especially after they had become a minority even in their own home country where they were supposed to be the majority. "The only way to solve the Armenian problem is to smash the Armenians themselves," is a famous statement announced by Sultan Al- Ahmar (red). Applying the preceding declaration began in 1915 when the Turk leaders decided to annihilate the Armenians. That was actually the first annihilation in the twentieth century in which 1'500'000 person was brutally slaughtered. Invading Armenia, their country, the following dispersion, and diffusion all lead to their being found in all around the world.

If murdering a single person is inhumane, then assassinating a whole nation is considerably more. However, those Turk culprits invented many false excuses to commit their unauthorized genocide. The first pretext was that, "Armenia always calls for the support of powerful countries as well as nagging because of worthless motivations," Sultan Al-Ahmar pointed. As Armenia had been occupied by the Ottoman Empire, asking for liberty, which is everybody's right, must not be considered nagging. On the other hand, although the other countries which had been occupied by the same empire did ask for liberty, no such crimes were committed elsewhere. The second pretext was that, "Armenians wish the victory of our enemies with whom they conspire against us. Thus, we "WERE FORCED" to put legal actions into effect in a harsh military manner," the Ottoman government declared. Facts do invalidate the previously mentioned excuse. Since Armenians lived in Anadole, which was too far away from the Ottoman Empire borders, cooperating with the empire's enemies was impossible. Incontrovertibly, there were other false, factless excuses but writing them all changes words into lines and lines into paragraphs.

What happened in that genocide cannot be summarized in one paragraph. Still, few tiny examples help to bring the pitiful view back. Some people in Istanbul were reported the following incident: A woman threw her newborn baby in a deep well to avoid seeing him murdered heartlessly by some Turk evildoers. Another incident was written in the Horizon Newspaper in the 5th of September, 1915, "the Turkish plan to annihilate the Armenians is still going on. From Istanbul, the Turks kicked out many Armenian men out of which 10'000 were assassinated in Izmid Mountains." This paragraph gives you, dear reader, only two examples. However, there are still other innumerable events that altogether changed Armenia into a bloodbath. According to the Turks, in spite of all their merciless deeds, naming what happened annihilation is not reasonable. It is no more than warlike actions rather than a human genocide, they believe.

The genocide took place 91 years ago. That is why many of you, dear readers, think that we, as Armenians, had better stop asking for compensations because what happened in 1915 injured only those who lived in that period. In fact, the contemporary generation still badly undergoes homesickness and dispersion to the extent that whatever you go, Armenians are scattered. Another misconception of yours is that Armenians scorn Turkey as a whole. Well, this is a misapprehension because we only disdain those who murdered our ancestors. Towards the present Turkish generation, the only feeling we have is admonition as there has been no official confession of the crime yet. The admission for which we hanger leads to giving our land back, first, and too much money in reparation, second. Still, no matter how the land they return were immeasurable or the billions they pay were incalculable, this issue is abstract rather than material. The sheer imagination of the vindictive manners by which those innocent Armenians were undeservedly slaughtered makes any non-Armenian person feel sympathy and compassion whoever the butchers were.

As a conclusion,
denouncing the previous annihilations leads to avoid future ones. That is why this essay was written and that is why the whole world should be aware of what happened and as a result, disapprove it. We dedicate this piece of writing to each and every forcibly displaced, unfairly expatriated, and nostalgic immigrant who suffers pain and endures the difficulties of life with hopes to survive, transfer their language and tradition to the following generations, and live to tell the tale.

By: Tsoleir Antonian, Madonna Kaloustian.

I will comment on this later... meanwhile... plz leave UR comments, and reactions..


Blogger Keefieboy said...

Excellent piece. I never knew about the Armenian genocide until a few years ago when my wife was joined by a new colleague at work: an Armenian-American. What an eye-opener. And yet Turkey still denies it. And is trying to join the EC.

February 25, 2006 11:37 PM

Blogger Zena said...

I have an Armenian colleague at work and we usually spend our lunch break talking about their history and what they had to go through, no one should go through this, not any breathing soul.

February 26, 2006 2:24 AM

Blogger Tololy said...

Thanks for the post. This brings to mind the tragedy of the Circassians, a people far less celebrated and known than the Armenians. I am half Circassian (Adiga) and the terrible tragedies those people had to suffer at Czarist Russia's hands are still in action in several parts in their homeland.

I think the media play a vital role in "not speaking" about such stories, and that is down right unacceptable.

My friend and boss is a Lebanese Armenian, and I am glad I know her because I can get to learn about her people's history, much like I teach her about my own two roots: the semitic Arab, and the aryan Adiga.

February 26, 2006 3:53 AM

Anonymous Rodin said...

Turks are jerks!

March 02, 2006 7:40 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

well turks are .................... i really don't know what to say but i'm Armenian and i'm proud

March 04, 2006 6:46 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love you Rodin!
Love you so much babe!

March 31, 2006 2:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This post is far from accurate with many facts being inaccurate or just plain bias. The author of this peice is armenian and this story is blantently tainted with prejudice and nationalistic arguaments. I suggest that anyone who wants to know about the topic, do some research of their own, unlike what this kid has done.
Anyone who calls the armenian issue a 'genocide' is either very ignorant or just very stupid.
The proof is clear and all you need to do is research the topic.

June 09, 2007 8:10 PM


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