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Monday, February 06, 2006

Danish Embassy Trauma - Recations!

Yazan my friend, we all know it's not the population of syria that have acted this way. Only the government could pull a thing like this. We will tell people of all the wonderful things we saw in syria .... And the boys and i will not forget the syria we saw...


Jonas is one of 4 danish CouchSurfers stayed at my place for almost a week. about 2 months ago. That's after the drawings were initially published. we talked about it back then, and we had an understanding that it was strictly a Danish inner affair and were handled that way, through the danish media between the danish ppl...

Now it's an international crisis.. Who's responsible for that?!

Now it's a political nightmare for Syria... at least I KNOW who's responsible for this.

74 of the ppl arrested in the Danish consulate and church attacks in Ashrafieh, Beirut are SYRIANS. While only 34 are Lebanese.

I honestly donno what to say.

I was there yesterday, I had to see the "conflict zone".
What was not aired in the news was that the first floor of the embassy complex is a SYRIAN Company "Debbane", and the last floor is an actual residence!

No, they were not attcking Danish or European "out of line" freedom of speech, they were not even taking revenge for the prophet, They were attacking the heart of Syria. The civilised idea of Syria.

These ppl are criminals, And the ones RESPONSIBLE for letting them unleashed are CRIMINALS too...
WHY DIDN'T WE SEE ANYONE IN HANDCUFFS YET?!????! I guess jonas answered this question...

I don't care how SACRED or IMPORTANT this symbol is, There is NOTHING that can justify these acts. NOTHING.

A living soul is more important than all the ones that are dead.. because a living soul still has the ability and chance to innovate and create.... so, again... Yes, We Have The Right to Caricature God.

Just as YOU have the right not to buy my cartoons...

I wanna applaud the Syrian blogsphere for their reaction...

Ayman's Damascene Blog - Shame Shame Shame and Not in Our Name: Syrian Bloggers and More Thoughts on the Danish Cartoons Row

Omar's Earth to Omar - Regarding the Vandalism of Danish Embassies

OZ's Between Syria And France - That was not the way!

Ihsan's Bits & Bites of Syria - Ashamed of being Syrian!

Omar's Deconstructed Life - When stupidity meets ignorance and not me, not in my name

Amr Tulaimat's Across Syria & Inside Homs - Sheep

More Syrian reactions...
Ammar, The Syrian Brit, Sara, Digital Oasis, Ghalia, Gottfried, Sinan Yaman and Namir

Yesturday the danish consulate in Beirut were set on fire and a couple of days ago the danish embassy in Damaskus were set on fire, in Afganistan a guy were killed during a demonstration. The situation in Denmark is tense aswell, most danish people didn't agree with Jyllandsposten, but the common man on the street is getting more and more confused as the media is covering the developement. I hope that in the long run we will learn to understand the cultural and religious diversity that modern societies consist of, but in order to reach that goal we are obliged to move towards dialog and understanding rather than strenghening borders.

Jon, another one of the "boys"... I Have to agree with u...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have courage to speak up like this. In the West, we take it for granted that people can speak out like this. You put yourself at some risk and for that I thank you. The rioters do not speak for all of Syria and until voices like yours are given more recognition, the prevailing message that all of islam is violent will continue. Perhaps you need to challenge some Western blogs for not bringing your voice and other voices to the forefront. Do not stop speaking out, do not stop blogging.

February 06, 2006 11:08 PM

Anonymous Danu said...

Good job at standing up to this violence that's ruining Syria's and Lebanon's image.

February 06, 2006 11:20 PM

Anonymous Good Hearted infidel :) said...

Hi Again!
Thank you, thank you and thank you again for this great post. I 100% agree with you that using common sense and conscience are enough to incriminate all the scum who burned the embassies in our beloved Syria! When I watched TV with my friends here and saw bearded men shouting Alah Akbar and burning the heart of Damascus; I was, and still, shocked and ashamed like no body can tell! I have been trying desperately to explain to my European friends what a peaceful, suffering country this Syria is! Now I have dozens of questions to answer! Hard to explain to them how a “spontaneous” demonstration took place in Syria and resulted in almost four embassies set on fire!!
God damn it! Has Whabism arrived in Syria with its full force or what? Could anyone explain that to me, if he/she understands!
This is a scary turning point that makes me tremble when I think of what others scenes we might be seeing soon on TV! What happened was a total shame - a bizarre event that no mind can comprehend in Syria! Oh wait, did I say comprehend? Then SORRY! When were we, anyway, supposed to understand anything or comprehend what is happening in Syria??
Thank you front bumper or Yazan for your enlightening post! Yes, people like you speak in my name!

P.S. I read a poem not long ago for Ahmad Matar,and it made me laugh my guts out - this sentence actually:

وطني يا مهبط الأنبياء
كان يكفينا واحد لو لم نكن أغبياء

February 07, 2006 3:34 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yazan - thank you for visiting my blog. And thank you for posting this. When I get back from work tonight I will check out the links and maybe put the word out to Australian bloggers that yes, there are Syrians standing up against violence and thuggery.


February 07, 2006 6:26 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks Yazan, for your most generous support through the comment on my blog. The world needs more people like you, dedicated to what unites us, not what divides us, to strive for the good of all humanity.

I realize full well that what happened in Syria in no way represents the Syrian people. Political structures and economic interests can set up people against people, religion against religion. It is sadly shown throughout history.

The Western world commits many crimes. I'm not blind to that. Quite the contrary, I apologize for the grave injustices the EU/US commit in the Middle East.

At the same time, I wish for your country to become free, and that the Syrian people will find their path to freedom.

You have a free spirit, and your blog is most impressive. I'll devote a post to you soon!

God bless.

February 07, 2006 9:44 AM

Blogger hammerswing75 said...

There are many links that I'll have to follow to catch up on Syrian bloggers, but I appreciate you stopping by and leaving a comment. I'm heartened by most of what I read here, although I would disagree strenuously with Vincent. The US is not committing crimes, it is offering an opportunity for Middle Eastern countries to achieve liberty and freedom. Believe me, there will much rejoicing here when Syria becomes free. Good luck!

February 07, 2006 9:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hammerswing75, the Western world has good things AND bad things to offer. Just like Yazan is honest about the wrongs in his country, so I am honest about the shadowy sides of Western involvement in the Middle East.

February 07, 2006 10:10 AM

Blogger emawkc said...

This is the kind of sentiment that more of us need to read. So I'll do my best to spread the good word.

February 07, 2006 11:36 AM

Blogger KF said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

February 07, 2006 4:05 PM

Blogger KF said...

Thank you for confirming that the extreme actions are not an act supported by all the Syrian population.

My response is located at kristianfiskerstrand.com

Thank you for letting me know of this blog in the comment at kfwebs.net

February 07, 2006 4:24 PM

Blogger Hira said...

These handful of people, who believe that violence is the only way, are succeeding in making it appear that the entire Muslim World thinks the same.

If you watch CNN you would believe that the entire Muslim World is calling on exterminating Denmark or something like that but its not.There have been a lot of peacful demonstrations.And yet those violent ones manage to attract the entire world's attention.
Also I wonder why do they think like that when Islam doesn't at all support it?Despite being irritated by the republications,the newspaper apology was good enough for me.
But people calling for beheadings and all those sort of things is disgraceful to Islam.To what it stands for.Some of them are being egged on by the clerics, I know.But people are now going too far and all of it is something I can't half comprehend.

And thank you for dropping by at my blog.

February 07, 2006 5:29 PM

Anonymous Malte said...

Im sitting in copenhagen, I am one of the boys from denmark who had visit Yasan.

As I see the sitaution, the hole thing is exaggereted to a level I can not understand. this is the situation In Denmark, as I see it:
Most of the politicians in Denmark, are making the debate into a qestion about the freedom of speech. But its not about this. Its about a refugee policy, and a racistic Media who is terrible. My point is that if the Drawings were made in a country, were there was a surden of respeckt for the muslim community - it would'nt have made such a fuzzl. the syrian population have the right to boycut us, but dont do it because of these stupid Cartoons. do it because of our refugee policy.
the violence against the embassys had not cost any human lifes, the danish refugee policy does.
Freedom of speech is importent, but if the majority, use it against a minority - its not good at all. freedom of speech has its limits. I Hope the best for syrian population.

February 07, 2006 9:29 PM

Blogger WT said...

Thanks for visiting Tannerball. I am impressed with your blog and this post. Keep on keepin' on, friend.

February 07, 2006 10:29 PM

Anonymous Good Hearted infidel said...

Thank you for sharing your moderate and interesting view. I have though to comment on the refugee policy you mentioned! There’ve been some mistakes maybe; but the biggest mistake in my opinion was opening Europe for those fanatics who were rejected in their home countries! I’m not talking about the majority of refugees but about those members of several Islamic extremist organizations that were given a “hiding place” in Europe! The UK only has dozens of those Imams who have court sentences against them in their home countries, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Pakistan and other countries! They were given ultimate freedom to preach and pour their poison on others for decades! This is one of the mistakes; I do see it as the biggest one! Those supposed-to-be refugees have no respect for other cultures or values. The majority of the Moslem community is being controlled and directed by such freaks, so I do think they are the ones who are making the assimilation process slower and harder with their limited and sick views of the world! Have you heard about the “Abu Laban” case? He is the main Islamic figure in Denmark; he has been telling Arabic media one thing, and telling Danish media something else! This is just a little example about hypocrisy and double-think!
We don’t have the right to boycott your country, as you think! Hundreds of Syrians live happily and normally in Denmark and Norway; it was their choice to immigrate there and it was and still their choice to stay! So I didn’t get your point honestly about why we do have the right to boycott your country!
There is no ultimate freedom, I agree with you, and it has never existed any where in the world! I don’t see it as a cartoon-publishing problem as much as I see it as a huge cultural difference in defining freedom of speech and expressions!
What is happening in Europe now is a very normal and natural reaction from any society that senses its identity is being threatened and in Denmark’s case, under attack!
Thanks to Yazan for this space to talk and discuss away from racism and hatred.

February 08, 2006 1:57 AM

Blogger John H. said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

February 08, 2006 3:42 AM

Blogger John H. said...

Hi Yazan, Have posted a link to your site on my blog as well as a story, hopefully some of my readers will be interested to hear an alternative perspective on all this fuss.

John H.

February 08, 2006 3:44 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

John h,
Why do u call it an alternative perspective? It's news round-ups and quotes from news papers??
I don't mean to be rude; I don't mean it's bad or not worth reading. I'm just saying the term "alternative view" is not the right one maybe??
Thank u anyway

February 08, 2006 6:19 AM

Blogger John H. said...

Well, I think that Yazan does have an alternative perspective

Most of what he has written appears not to be just links to articles and a little light commentary, (which is what I like to do on my own blog), and a great many prople in Britain will never have read anything by a Syrian on any issue, let alone this one.

So for my readers it is an alternative viewpoint.

February 08, 2006 6:31 AM

Anonymous N=1 said...

Thank you for pointing out these links. I am happy to point people to your log, since I come across a lot of ignorant people, that believe that the idiots they see on TV represent the entire islamic world... It is good for everyone to be able to meet people of 'the other religion' on the common round of sanity!!

BTW most of my blog is in Dutch, but my opinion on the whole cartoon things is in english. Tomorrow I will translate the piece where I link to you! Health and Peace!

February 08, 2006 10:26 AM

Anonymous N=1 said...

Here is the english posting.

February 08, 2006 10:33 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should apologize. I am the same anonymous who commented on ur comment! I missread your post, opss! Should drink less:):)
This blog is an altenative view for sure! I got mixed up
Sorry and thank you for your kind answer
Thanx to this blog as well

February 08, 2006 11:19 AM

Blogger John H. said...

No problems Anonymous, it happens to us all from time to time : )

February 09, 2006 3:46 AM

Blogger [ j i m m y ] said...

great post. great words.

February 10, 2006 4:32 AM

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