"To the impartial eye, the world not only seems an unlikely one-off phenomenon, but a constant strain on reason. If reason exists, that is, if a neutral reason exists. So speaks the voice from within. So speaks Joker's voice." - Jostein Gaarder

Saturday, January 28, 2006


- The first Syrian Blog to be blocked... Syrian Domari

More on this
The Damascene Blog

- Doctors Synidicate elect... and the Baath Party "forbids". so much for the opening up and more freedoms!

more on this..


SCS-Net has stepped down on the censor of Syrian Domari. Congratualtions!

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Mental Toboo...

It's an old post from the other blog... I thought I should post it here as well!

The Mental Taboo: Salman Rushdie and the Truth Within Literature.
Author: Sadeq Jalal al-Azm
Published: Riad El-Rayess Books Ltd. - London, UK - 1992
ISBN: 1-8553-158-7

A book u can't really talk about... u'll have to read it.
It's a book that speaks straight to the core of ur ALU [Arithmetic and Logic Unit], computer geeks are well familiar with the concept.
It's one of the few arabic books [and Sadeq J. Azm is definitley of the few arab elites that maintain a scientific and professional writing] that speaks directly to ur brain cells without the least attempt to manipulate any feelings, for me, such a fact is credited a lot...
The Book is split into 2 halfs, The first is basically a collection of articles, papers and studies that he had already published through the years, a huge part of it is dedicated to the "Orientalism Issue", which includes his critique of Edward Said's "Orientalism" and a couple of articles he'd exchanged with Adonis in that period concerning this same issue.

The other part is titled "In Some of our Cultural and Political Issues", that's my personal favorite part of the book, the part where u get stunned by th logic power of al-Azm and by the total ignorance spread through the arab world towards important issues like the american decision making process, The questions of Beirut 1982 and a WONDERFUL article about underdevelopment in a general human look...
The other half of the book is fully dedicated to the controversial Salman Rushdie issue, his "Ayat Shaytanieh" novel, an issue that was one of the world's main debates at the time..
And through this chapter u come to realize how low and shallow arab critiques have come, [Although I DID like the novel, but this has nothing to do with that], he raises questions like, most of arab critiques aknowledge that they're critising a book they've nevr read nor planning to!!
a lot of questions raised on the level of our so-called intellectuals, and the level of our acceptance to other ideas...
And at the end of the book, u get a glimpse of joy to see a Syrian Declaration "In Defense of the writer's right to live" in response to the Salman Rushdie Death Penalty conviction in Tehran 1989.
Names include, Adulrahman Munief, Saad Allah Wannous, Sadeq Jalal al-Azm, Michelle Kelo, Antoine Maqdesy, Mamdouh Odwan, al-Tayyeb Tezini, Haidar Haidar... and others..

It's a must read book... It's a book of common sense. u don't have to agree with what's written in it, but u must definitley read it.

Friday, January 20, 2006


I did not feel like "YAY" when I read about the suicide bombings in Tel Aviv... regardless from the "Politically Correct" issue... pointless death should NEVER be tolerated no accepted, in any possible way...

I honestly don't feel good about Ahmadinajad here in Syria... he's nothing but trouble, with a funky beard!

Nuclear Iran?! NO. I DO NOT support a nuclear Iran, we're tryna clear the Middle East of nukes... and supporting a nuclear Iran comes in no way near that...

Reading "Al-2shjar wa i3tial Marzouq" - "The Trees, and the Assasination of Marzouq" by Abdul-Rahman Muneef... AGAIN... mindblowing is an understatement..

I saw Jude Law's "Alfie" yesterday... this is a romantic comedy that'll actually keep ya thinking after u leave the cinema..

As noted by Ihsan's comment... Rejecting a nuclear Iran does imply my stand against a nuclear Israel as well. But since Iran was the topic at hand I didn't think that mentioning an obvious stand towards Israel's nuclear arsenal is worth anything!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


former MPs: Maamoun al-Homsi, Riyad Seif are released out of jail... among others...
Sincere congratulations for their families... and for Syria..

Hoping to see Professor Aaref Dalileh back to his family soon too...

Professor Dalileh, is the only Damascus Spring detainee that was trialed by a State Security Court.. and is the only one who's convicted for 10 years while others' are ranging from 3-5yrs...

Just as thousands of other Syrins still waiting behind the bars...

As Ayman said... Arabiya and Syria-News seem pretty positive Prof. Aaref Dalileh is ut within 48hours... fingers crossed everone...

Crazy, Crazy World!

I woke up today to a msg from al-Jazeera mobile saying "Kidnap of 50 Iraqi police recruits"


Tuesday, January 17, 2006


No, I don't respect Hizbulla... not even with the big role he played in the liberation of southern Lebanon, because I know exactly how Hizbulla was turned into the only "Resistance" power in the south.. and how Syrians prosecuted and repressed other groups [mainly leftist and national groups]... I know ppl who got arrested by the syrians on their way back from an operation in the south.. so NO, I don't respect Hizbulla, the same party that used to pour bears on those who dare to order them in West Beirut!

No, I don't feel any kind of sympathy with palestinian factions in Lebanon... No, u don't have the least right to carry arms, because the only ppl u'll be shooting are the Lebanese, so NO, Don't consider it ur home...

No, I do not respect Junblatt, Aoun, Jajaa, Nasrallah, Berri... I will never respect warlords...

I do believe everything Junblatt, Hariri Jr. said and will say about the Syrian regime, I beleive everything Aoun used to say about the regime..

I do believe everything the Syrian regime said and will say about Junblatt, Hariri Jr. I believe everything they used to say about Aoun..

I believe everything they both say about eachother... because they both have done even worse things!!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Ziad Said 3

الشيوعية مش ضد الله أبداً. ضد انو يكون الله وجنته للفقرا بس... وانو شو بدكن انتو بتعاسة الأرض هلق. الجنة ناطرتكن فعيشو بهالنعمة. هالنعمة اللي جاية بالجنة. والنعمة اللي هلق شايفينا.. ارخولنا ياها معليشي. ارخولنا ياها لأنو نحنا رايحين عجهنم.. عالنار بعدين. هاويين جهنم نحني. وحظكن أحسن من حظنا لأنو انتو رايحين عالجنة... يالله شو هالنكتة.
ليك اذا في الله وأنا مش عارف انو في وماني مؤمن فيه. واذا موجود بؤمن فيه، واذا موجود بدو يكون عقلو كبير وما بيهمو شو رأيي فيه... وما رح يتأثر الله لأنو كبير. ما رح يتأثر بإنسان صغير عم يشكك فيه. واذا موجود بيكون عم يسمعنا وعم يسمع العقل زينة كمان. وبيعرف مين الأوادم ومين أخوات الدينة. وعم يعمل حساباتو للجنة وللنار... هو بيقسم مش هني...

زياد الرحباني - العقل زينة.... راديو صوت الشعب - ع الموزة المتوسطة

Ziad Said 1
Ziad Said 2

Wednesday, January 11, 2006


I drifted... I always thought i'd be bigger than these ill thoughts, but I'm not...

I was sick yesterday, I spent the whole day in bed sweating with extreme fever! I woke up to check my email only at 4am and I saw comments that I would've never imagined having on this blog...

I read Sinan's post.. and Yes, Shame on us both.. I was not generalizing... I was trying not to.. but I couldn't.. I had to call a lebanese friend to cool down.. to feel that ppl who spread hatred ARE individuals... and ARE few... and I do refuse to be a part of.. a bit late.. better than never!

Shame on us both.. I'm sorry for turning this blog into a battlefield of sick words... I'm sorry for getting ppl involved in my own insecurites!!

I'm sorry that I had to close the comments section and remove the comments... sth I never thought I'd do... I'm sorry for having to delete sth I posted...

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

How do u know that someone's ur best-friend?

When u tell him the Sickest, Lowest and Most Perverted sexual thing u ever thought of when ur 12yrs old... and he pauses a minue in shock.... laughs histerically for 15mins..

then says... "ME TOO!!"

UPDATE: No more comments...

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Food Poinsoning, and other human-related stuff

Having to spend the whole night thinking about ur life, and ur "future" and whether it's worth the hassle, that's one thing... but having to do that when ur already on a medium-level food poisoning [as I discovered today]... that's a completely different issue...

That's exactly what we are, in a broader sense, we're just some 6 billion pre-history fragile left-overs, with a mind set to the crisis of "raison d'etre"!!
that was well-simplified... I can sleep quite well tonight.

Next april, I'll be flying from Damascus, the world's oldest city, to Tokyo, the world's most modern city... [Another question, Why are we as humans so fascinated with paradox?]!

I'm going to arrive at Narita airport after a 25h flight, someone will be holding my name on some plastic board.. he'll bable some welcome words in a language that I'm yet to discover, and then lead me to a Taxi that'll take me to my dorms in Arakawa district... where I'll unflod my stuff.. lie on my bed, and start staring at the ceiling..

And then what?! I might go out and find someone to talk to, anyone... because it'd be hard to stay alone without thinking about Latakia and who's in the l'Expresse cafe right now!!

I wanna have it all, I want a japanese-quality study in a japanese language with lots of japanese ppl, in my own hometown of latakia... and ofcourse with some kaiten-sushi places all around town... along side la Casta and l'Express... I wanna have Tishreen University and across the stree have Tokyo University of Foreign Studies!

Talk about compromise!!!

But, What if they bombed Syria while I'm there, worst case scenario... Syria killed Hariri, they won't let go... NATO "carpetbombs" Damascus, the oldest city in the world...
I wish I hadn't read Khaled Azm's Diaries!!! I wish I hadn't known what we were, and what we could be... saying "Fuck it.." and moving away would be much easier... wouldn't it?! I donno... maybe it's not Azm, maybe it's Syria, this overwhelming feeling of chauvinism just being Syrian and in the same time this overwhelming feeling of disgust and disappointment!!

One thing I've been thinking of, are they gonna allow me to display the Syrian flag in my room!!!

Damn, nevermind...

We're such a beautiful race, human beings... with our crisis of being... we have been able to simplify the answer to the most complicated universal matter... as in, Do u think that there are other living beings outside of this planet?! Across the Universe...?!
Jostein Gaarder, holds this quite "simple" question in his novel Maya [My FAVORITE, even better than the most-famous Sophie's World], 4 ppl answer "Yes" and another 4 answer "No"... 1 answers "I don't know"... the latter couldn't be much further from the truth... isn't it beautiful that 50% of those ppl sitting at that table have answered correctly to one of life's most incredibly complicated questions... that's how simple life is!! and that's how complicated us Humans are! It's a Yes or No question!!! it doesn't matter which... what matters is that IT IS!!!

Israel and Palestine seem very trivial looking at it from outer space... and that's the only true way to look at it... what matters is Life.. not land... We should start to fight for life [if there is such a thing, as fighting for life], Land and Death are just minor details...

So, Damscus, is the oldest City on this earth, but that wouldn't have meant a dying rat's ass to me if it didn't hold the breaths and symbols of the oldest lives... the oldest kings and Gods!!! that's what Damascus is... That's what my Syria is... It's a glaring shout of Humanity.. it's the face of every human being that lived on this earth... it's the undying thought of Humanity!!! Just like u can find Beirut, Amman, London, Tokyo, New York, Copenhagen, Manilla, and New Delhi in Damascus.. u can find Damascus in all of them...

I've drifted off from wherever I was going!!!!

Cheers for us humans!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

A moment of self-conciousness

I'm frightened of just the idea of moving to a friends-less place...

I'm just an emotionally-dependent sucker..