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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

In defense of religion!

A lot of ppl, a lot of my friends, look at religion as "The opium of the masses"...
They support their stand with really strong arguments and examples, that I can't deny myself...
Even more, A lot of them actually descriminate -one way or another, on purpose or not, doesn't matter - against religious ppl... in form of relations, intercourse, judgment.... etc.

I'm not talking here in defense of Religion as a practice, I have my own extreme stands regarding this issue..
This is in defense of religion as a thought, as a form of expression and definitly as a form of a much needed spiritual assurance for billions of human beings...

I can say that I understand where this attitude is coming from - I DO NOT support nor agree with it, I understand what's behind it, the same misunderstanding occurs when I talk about Lebanese feelings towards syrians... I understand it, not support it -, definitly they don't have rights as religious ppl -relatively- they're not being accepted as who they r, rather than what they believe in, a lot of other reasons that stretch into the very deep practices of today's main religions and specifically here, Islam!
When ur existance is not aknowledged and ur right of expression is not aknowledged, and ur threatened because of what u believe in -or what u DON'T believe in, in this case- it might take u into extreme levels of self protection and confinement... I understand that, I feel that... but, since it's been written a lot about discrimination against non-religious ppl, I think it's fair enough to look at on another perspective...

Attacking religion, attacking religious ppl, figures, beliefs, holies... might be a result of this era of closeness, but it can never be justified, under any argument... it can only be condemned

I think I once told a fellow blogger, a religious one, that I deeply wish I can believe the way he does, I truly wish I can have the assurance and tranquility that religion provides... but I don't, and it'd be worse if I tried to fool myself into it...
It does provide tranquility, it does provide confidence in one's future, it does provide safety and security... a lot of things the OTHER SIDE don't aknowledge... for them it's an illusion, and everyone who falls into this illusion is not thinking straight... what does this differ the other extreme attitude of "Takfeer", it doesn't... if u go deep in it, it just doesn't... it comes from the same place, the fear from diversity, the single-sided look... it's another form of discrimination... Extreme only results in Extreme, that's a fact, viable anywhere, anytime..

I wish I could find my tranquility through religion, I don't... I can't... I envy those who have already found it... religious ones or non-religious ppl...
It doesn't matter whether u believe in GOD, Satan, Ra, Aphrodite, Buddha, Hitler.... or Nothing... it doesn't mean anything, it doesn't say anything about u... actions is what really counts... actions, my friend!


Blogger Zena said...

I've always seen religion and belief as something personal, one should never discuss and one has the freedom to choose his belief.

I believe in God, Fear him, it is simply a struggle with my self. I can't let out or convey what I want or who I am beacuse of it.

One thing that I keep thinking of, doing the wrong thing is always easy and we can make as many excuses justifyig our actions as we want, but, do we know what is good for us better than God.

"I wish I could find my tranquility through religion, I don't... I can't... I envy those who have already found it"

I wish this too,I'm trying, but I confess, I'm not trying hard enough.

Who is going to give us comfort, a friend, I tried it and believe me it doesn't always work.

If you ever found comfort, please let me know.

October 05, 2005 6:35 PM

Blogger O.D.M said...

I know your last post was about religion.. But I am going to comment on your political views, because religion takes way more than a blog to explain and write about.

I like your political views, I think we share many, except that I really believed Hafez Assad was a true Pan Arabist, at a time when it was still viable.

Since you like the issue of Syria, Lebanon, The Levant or Middle East, browse through my blog, it is boring maybe, bas it has my most inner thoughts. feel free to comment in there too.


October 08, 2005 3:29 AM

Blogger Sharks said...

religion is a very complicated subject n' we can talk about it for ages...but i don't think i agree with u when u said that it doesn't matter what's u'r religion...at least to me religion does matter...it means something...u cant just say it means nothing...it's part of who we r!...of course a nice Hindu is much better than a Muslim asshole...but still!...i guess we should find ourselves a place in the middle of the two extremes...
Now about the tranquility thing...i believe if u can't find tranquility in religion it means that u'r not trying hard enough!...hope u'll be able to feel it one day!...Good luck Yazan!...

October 08, 2005 11:27 PM

Blogger Stellar said...

Zena, I need to say, that even though I'm religious I never felt that my religion stopped me from expressing myself... It's people who do. I mean God, is suppose to be the most loving. It's people who judge in a way that makes us feel totally self consious, when it's not even necessary at all. They are clueless in what our intentions are and who we are.

This is the way I do it... I do whatever I feel is right but at the same time, I ask for guidence from God just incase it's not right. Usually it works out fine I either stay doing it or I stray after a while.

Yazan, I agree with you... If people just stop judging each other whether religious or not and just have an open mind to accept and respect the other, we'd be in a better place.

I'll admit, I'm trying to put myself in your shoes to try to understand you more when it comes to faith. I guess what it is about, is just giving in instead of trying to take control ALL the timE and try to figure out things that are out of hands. All that really tire us... Just let it go, it'll come to you eventually. :) I'm not saying do things blindly, because that's not even right. But try a little emotions and spirituality.

ok I probably sound like a wacko, but at least it works for me, :D

October 09, 2005 8:52 AM

Blogger Ihsan said...

I totally agree with all what you have said Yazan....and SHARKS, it's the actions and the actions only that matter not the religion. You are only right when you have chosen your religion, you, me and most of the people, were born on a religion. So your parent's religion does not matter, it's your action that truly does because you are responsible for it, and never for your parents' religion!

Yazan, try to think with sense, use your head to figure things out, there is nothing called "randomness" in the universe....there most be something/one behind everything. It has to be an almighty one/thing. Try to look at the sources of any religion and use your own judgments and see what your brain tells you, try to be reasonable and give the benefit of the doubt, read through sources not explanation of sources. Religion is a link to God, if you believe in His existence, then it's an easy path....if not, then just think with your head, science approves what I said that there is no such a thing called "randomness". There is something behind everything, everything is being tracked down to a point where science stops and theories take control. All theories, however, are based on the concept of "randomness" and "self-executing". Think deep, you will find that there must be something behind all this. It's God.

This is what I do, I have known so many people with "No God" ideas. Sometimes, they really have well put arguments. But it only takes a brain, not a heart to get back on my feet, I just deeply think, I found Him again, and once I do, I know that He did not put me for no reason, I keep going, I find that he truly loves me. That is faith to me. Religions, on the other hand, are means and ways to simplify the fact that God exists, God is good and God loves us, all that cuz not everybody uses their head, but hearts and hearts make the extremes by the way, not the heads.

October 20, 2005 6:42 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This mesg to all of them who ever posted their views here, jus one things I want to say there are more than millions of ppl in the world u cannot even count it, and that have many misconception, many view and most of them change their views within a fraction of seconds, without knowing actual wat they want, I just didnt understand why u ppl are discussing a thing which u dont have a knowledge about, and coming to the religion side, first u jus all go and read wat ur books says bout the human kind, bout the religion, and u said that u didnt find tranquility in religion, if truly u do wat the religion says u will get not only get peace but u didnt even bother bout the whole. And regarding posting of all ur views, jus tell me one things from this example, A man while leaving for his office he has a big fight with his wife, on the way he find a man who is doing a survey bout the marriage, he ask that man bout his relationship with his wife, will he is happy with the marriage, that man shouted on him like anything n said it jus a waste of time to get married. That man after going home patch up with his wife and after a few days again he find that survye man, again he has asked bout his opinion and at that time he said , being gettin married is one of the greastest gift he got. Now tell me, a man in a bad mood given a rash opinion and again he changes his opinion. Actual thing is that no one knows the reality, u will know it hereafter actual wat is the religion, I am not even feeling bad for u that, u didnt understand wat the religion do for u if u understand it correctly and follow wat is there not jus readin is enough. Do it, read it then tell me wat is that. And there are many things which i want to post here but i didnt have a time.

Good Luck All Of U.

October 09, 2006 6:20 PM


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