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Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Lebaneese comment!

I got a comment today from someone called Lebaneese, on THIS post... it reads as follows...

Hello Mr. Bumper,
Well I am lebaneese, and soooo lebanese too. yep arrogant. u could say I am the one your article was talking abt.I'll tell u why we hate syiran. Israel was our enemy as long as you guys were. The difference between you both: Israel said and confirmed that they want our land, maybe a piece of it,..but they admitted it.
Well, you guys said :Syria is Lebanon's "Sister". For 30 years they took advantage of my country , stole the shit out of it.After there were nothing left , they started taking olives trees from the mountains and run away accross the borders. Talk abt Sisterhood!!
If u guys admitted it, it wouldn't piss me off that much. So, my dear, next time u want to talk abt racism or even politics, come and live in lebanon for a day, seeing syirans in every corner, following every nice girl,taking every thing they can steal, listening to every man trying to express his freedom of speech,and his right of democracy ...so u can throw him in jail like a rat and never again hear about him again.
Then after u live this day of hell, come and tell me about our racisim...Oh wait,..that shouldn't be a problem to u..This IS how u live in your Syria!! Well, that's not how the rest of the world is.

Instead of expressing ur anger with ur friends on lebanon, go and figure out how u can change ur own country.That is,if u dared to talk or think other than what your governement asked you too.

Well, Mr. Lebaneese, u donno shit about syria, and definitly not about me... I'm not getting into this... I'll just refer u to THIS post, read it carefully, with the comments, and maybe u could change ur attitude a bit... towards the Country and the PPL!!!


Blogger GraY FoX said...

well as simple as it can be... either that lebaneese guy has got a field full of olive trees and some gangasters around it.. or a nice sister Or girlfriend and lots of nasty people around her... but still he sues syria for going over there to save his sorry ass ....
well noone denies that syrian people has done some nasty things there .. but still there are always good people everywhere.. and those musnt be judged by the scum that are in the front end

September 25, 2005 2:56 AM

Blogger Stellar said...

You know something? Why is it an issue that Syrian people have to suffer? I mean it's all the goverments doing? I for instance am against all that has happened to Lebanon thanks to our goverment.

It just seriously pisses me off that when any 2 or more goverments clash, the people are the ones that suffer the most... This mentality is pathetic if you ask me.

September 25, 2005 9:14 PM

Blogger Omar said...

funny.. no one of these people that rant against the Syrian Presence in Lebanon rememberes that the Syrian troops were let in Lebanon by the help (and request) of some Lebanese parties' leaders during the civil war.
Those party leaders needed power, so they associated themselves with the Syrian troops to gain that power, they all went and became in the governing body.. established their butts on the chairs, and started making press conferences condemning the Syrian Presence now that hey don't need them anymore..
With all the bad things the Syrian Army has done in Lebanon, I think the lebanese people should save some energy to "READ" about their history and ask why these "Patriot" people like Sleiman Franjieh, Kamal Junblat, and others, did cooperate with Syria in the 70's and 80's, why they kept their positions and leadership.. and why they started speaking against them now that they are of no use anymore.

But maybe asking lebanese to read is too much.. going out to bars and restaurant is more joyful, eh? brothers?

September 30, 2005 2:01 AM


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