"To the impartial eye, the world not only seems an unlikely one-off phenomenon, but a constant strain on reason. If reason exists, that is, if a neutral reason exists. So speaks the voice from within. So speaks Joker's voice." - Jostein Gaarder

Friday, September 30, 2005

Raining in Homs!

A long lost feeling of vulnerability just pulled itself over me,
Suddenly.. RAIN, I haven't walked and got swamped like this since last [obviously...], I'm all wet and soaked out...

I'm a really happy person today... the streets are empty... and I'm walking with Travis' "Last Train" beating in my ear... and it's raining like hell... and a little feeling of coldness... it feels like ur gonna start crying!!! just like ur in love, yet u're not...!!! I'm in love, yet I'm NOT... I'm just aone really happy person...

I haven't felt this way for this city for a while... maybe cuz I've seen it naked for the first time, naked of all ppl, cars and crowds...
or maybe cuz everything looks far better in the rain!

whatever it is, Homs was brilliantly beautiful today!!!!

Thursday, September 22, 2005

A Lebaneese comment!

I got a comment today from someone called Lebaneese, on THIS post... it reads as follows...

Hello Mr. Bumper,
Well I am lebaneese, and soooo lebanese too. yep arrogant. u could say I am the one your article was talking abt.I'll tell u why we hate syiran. Israel was our enemy as long as you guys were. The difference between you both: Israel said and confirmed that they want our land, maybe a piece of it,..but they admitted it.
Well, you guys said :Syria is Lebanon's "Sister". For 30 years they took advantage of my country , stole the shit out of it.After there were nothing left , they started taking olives trees from the mountains and run away accross the borders. Talk abt Sisterhood!!
If u guys admitted it, it wouldn't piss me off that much. So, my dear, next time u want to talk abt racism or even politics, come and live in lebanon for a day, seeing syirans in every corner, following every nice girl,taking every thing they can steal, listening to every man trying to express his freedom of speech,and his right of democracy ...so u can throw him in jail like a rat and never again hear about him again.
Then after u live this day of hell, come and tell me about our racisim...Oh wait,..that shouldn't be a problem to u..This IS how u live in your Syria!! Well, that's not how the rest of the world is.

Instead of expressing ur anger with ur friends on lebanon, go and figure out how u can change ur own country.That is,if u dared to talk or think other than what your governement asked you too.

Well, Mr. Lebaneese, u donno shit about syria, and definitly not about me... I'm not getting into this... I'll just refer u to THIS post, read it carefully, with the comments, and maybe u could change ur attitude a bit... towards the Country and the PPL!!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

I feel like ur sister; NO ur not!

when a female says "ur like my brother", [in ANY context, ANY tone and ANY meaning] it only means one thing... NOT INTERSTED,

Okay, regradless from the fact that I still think it's a really stupid way... and that being straight forward says a lot more about that particular person... and bla bla bla...


who gives a rotten rat's ass about u feeling like my sister???...

On another note, says who that a brother is a higher rank than a friend?!!! I don't have any brothers, I donno the feeling... but I've seen a lot of families, great ones, and really fucked up ones... and I wouldn't trade a single friend with a whole dozen of brothers!

I'm not a family person, I love my dad, I adore my mom... but not because they're my MOM and DAD...being my parents is THEIR PROBLEMO!!! I adore them, I respect them... just because they're what they are... a brilliant successful individuals [at least from my perspective] same goes for uncles, aunts.... EVERYONE>>>
I love my dad, but when he screws up I WILL tell it to his face, and NO it isn't disrespectful to him!!! eeryone makes mistakes... no matter how old they are... personally, I feel that everyone makes the same mistakes and with the same average [mistake/year] no matter how old they are, it's just that when u get older and older u become less sensitive and less vulnerable, and ppl tend to forget ur mistakes WAY more than when u were still young!

All in all, Family is just a biological concept, the real connection is Friendship!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Kassab, Yesterday... AMAZING!!

A spur of the moment that proved to be AMAZING!!!
first, I freaked every driver on the road there... I drove for the first 15 minutes of the road!! I'm thankful for the 3 friends who agreed on stepping into a car I'm driving... thank u for ur trust.. and I'm sorry for these horrific 15 minutes... I will take full responsibility for any permanent damages!!

Kassab road.. a two way road that stretches between the beutiful coastal mountains... narrowing into a rough 2 lanes at some point with deadly looking cliffs!!!

Amazing views up there [except for the first 15 minutes].. when u get inside the clouds... when look down to the those same clouds.. totally breathtaking... and then out of the blue, in the middle of the green-covered mountains, u see al-Aqra3 [the Boldhead] Mountain.. a White monumet!!...

strolling through Kassab, strangely empty for this time of the year... winds blowing makes ya freez but only for a minute... the very wierd geography of Kassab makes it such a specialy place.. a place that has nothing to do with the rest of Syria.. a very distinguished town...
the town of Kassab is like a small gush of Syria inside Turkey.. Kassab is surrounded by "Turkey" from almost all sides... only a small passage is what's keeping it Syrian!
Ironically, 80% of the ppl there are Armenian, how convinient for Turkey! hehe!
The comparison is always between Kssab and Slunfeh, while Slunfeh is much better publicized, I still feel that Kssab has much much more beauty, and it hasn't been occupied by saudi tourists like Slunfeh [not stereotyping but Saudis do have a significant effect on locals get-away destinations in Syria] and wierdly enough we were in my parents' Saudi-plated car!
Kassab's breath is much refreshing than Slunfeh, and the views there are soooo beautiful it makes cry!! driving to a resturant in the rounding mountains called "Nab3 Chalma" [Spring of Chalma], u WILL feel right on top of the world!!, a desrted area... the rest. is the only sign of humanity in those mountains, but it's worth the trouble... a small walk up the restaurant, to the top of the hill, and u'll see how heaven looks in winter... u'll see al-Aqra3, and u'll see all of the coast of al-Baseet infront of u.. u'll see a beautiful bay, half of it is covered with white sand.. and the other half is rocky! the snady half is Turkish!
underneath the lights of the al-Samra village... and far far away the lights of Latakia fools ya into imagining how beautiful that far-city!!

Quietness there is heavenly!
Nothing is allowed to break that silence except Fairouz singing "Raje3t fe almasa2"

وتحت سقف الليل والمطر
وبحضور الخوف... والأسماء... والعناصر
وكل ما لا اسم له في الكون
أعلن حبي لك واتحادي... بحزن عينيك
...وأرض الزهر في بلادي

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Yalli 3yonek!

يللي عيونك صاروا زمني...
اسمي ولوني ورقمي الوطني
عيونك مني عيونك فني
...!عيونك صاروا جنوني العلني

كلنا سوا - يللي عيونك

it's an amazing song... I was just lisetning to it the other day, when I realized that it's been a while since I actually felt that strong for someone, life is wierd sometime...
I used to obsess about this for a long while, I donno what happened, everything used to go smoothly, no sudden events.. no mind blowing breakups... it might be cuz it's been a hectic year.. but, is it normal not to feel freakishly lonely?!

2005, is a total grey year for me... grey as in no sudden urge to do anything... no rush to feel anything...
maybe I haven't met an intersting someone for a while... same faces going all over and again!!!! maybe i dont wanna get into anything that might turn to be the least serious, not at this point.. maybe it's all crap!

I'm quite sure I'm not turning gay, I would've noticed..

here I am, obsessing about me not obsessing.. this is turning wierd.. maybe I'm just waiting for the truth, delaying all my biotic and mental activities untill that german judge blows up this middle east, maybe some stuff will change then!

Yalli 3yonek mtl aldnieh... who might have such eyes?! I don't believe in eyes.. I feel like they're actually nothing.. all this talk about the eyes is crap, they're yet another abstracted moving organ!!! fingertips r my eyes... hair is my eys... why don't they write sth like "Yalli enfek mtl aldnieh...", honestly, forget all that bulshit about the truthful eyes, and look at it this way... if Charlize Theron didn't have such a graceful nose, it would've ruined everything, u wouldn't have noticed anything else except her crooked nose... no matter how beautiful her eyes are... nose is the hidden factor, behind the stage...

Bla wla shi, b7bek bla wla shi... anybody tried that kind of bliss... it's simply a fairy tale, I'm sure there are ppl who actually feel like that a lot of ppl.. but this doesn't mean that it's not a fairy tale... fairy tales can and MUST exist, we live our lives just looking for fairy tales... it's not fair if they didn't exist!!!!

all the drastic changes going on now, might be of one sole reason.. I can not find my fairy tale here... I couldn't.. and one year rest is enough!!! might be!