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Monday, August 08, 2005

A trip down the memory lane...

soo.. tomorrow August 8th...
My birthday... yeah, I'm a Leo..

I've been browsing through my pix... I've got an awful lot of pix from my early childhood... I got some flashbacks I wanna share..

-I was born in 8/8/1986, Mom has always been obsessed with Maradona [the Argentinian footballer], and she was like 8months pregnant [obviously with ME] when 1986World Cup kicked off... so [hearsay] they told me that my mom used to run all over the house whenever he's on screen, cheering and screaming... with her belly all swollen, while my grandma's job was to follow her everywhere making sure she doesn't hurt herself..
-When I was about 1 or 2 years old, mom had to go work in Yemen [she's a doctor, btw], and Dad [well, I honestly donno where he was, he was playing hide and seek with Mukhabarat, and he actually won.. hehe.. way to go papa].. so I used to stay at my granpa's house in Homs, and being the spoiled-lonely-kid-who's-parents-arent's-around, I HAD the time of my life... I was told that I NEVER EVER got to sleep until they lullabied with me for hours on the balcony or the roof.. with the moonlight.. I used to scream out "2amal... 2amal" = "2amar... 2amar"!!
-back when I was 4 my only fantasy was to be a Trrafic Policeman!!! my older cousin even printed a ticket book for me.. with my name on it!!! hehe
-I have a long history with setting up fires... when I was 6 I burnt all my uncle's library [btw, that uncle is prof. Aaref Dalileh]... he used to keep it at my granpa's here in Latakia.. me and my mom stayed there for a while, so.... it was an honest mistake... I SWEAR... but.., well... he never ever played chess with me again!!
-I burnt dad's bathroom in his beirut flat...!!! I still don't rememeber how... and I still believe that IT WASN'T my fault...!!!
-I once wanted to see if cotton actually catches on fire... when I think about it now.. I wish I had the brains to try it on a small piece of cotton.. instead of the setting on fire all the cotton packs mom used to keep under the bed [medic cotton]... conequently setting the WHOLE bedroom on fire!!!!!!!
-Dad told me that I always had somekinda trouble with god.. I mean I was like 7yrs old when I first drew god..!! and it wasn't such a pleasant painting!!!!
-I was 7 too when I had my first cigarette... and thanx to that one I NEVER EVER smoked again [Not even nargile]...!!! Ironically papa was the one who gave it to me... When I think about it... I donno if I could take that chance with my son [I donno if I could have that amount of objectivness], anyways.. I threw up all day... and he didn't even say "I told ya so!!!" hehe.. I do appreciate that cigarette!!!
-I once sang with Sami 7awwat [one of Ziad Rahbani's close gang, although I always thought that I sang with Ziad... but my dad corrected that thought 2 weeks ago], he was playing Aud in this Sahra in some friend's house, I was like 6 and I jumped from my dad's lap and I wanted to sing... I sang Marcel Khalife's "Tout Tout 3abayrout"... soo he played Aud and I sang... now I know the secret behind that mysterious smile that dad gave me... Ziad and Marcel weren't such a great friends at that time!!! but well.. "Tout tout 3abayrout" WAS way more catchy for me than Ziad's "3ayshe wa7da balak"..
-I had my first strike when I was 10yrs old... I stayed 2 days without eating [honestly, I used to sneak at night and get a snack]... after 2hours negotiations I had to drop my demand for a mini-size-battery-car...!!! I still loooong for one... but I don't think I could fit in any of em right now... so I lost my chance in driving that!!!! :(

5 months old... I totally love this pic.. u can notice SyrianTV behind me!!! hehe... btw, and the television itself is Syronics!!

One of the few family pix that my parents could save...

That's me wandering in Yemen...!!! I stayed there about 3 months and mom couldn't handle it... so she sent me back!!!

That's my cousin May... we took this pic in my 3rd birthday... she's my first crush... hehehe

My cousin prof. Hussam Dalileh, he's the one I owe all my computer addiction to!! If i ever get to be sth, then he has much of the credit!!

Finally... my ever-lovely mommy!!!

yalla cheers,


Blogger Tolerant Damascene said...

Happy Birthday :)
Those are some lovely photos you posted. The last photo of your mom is not working though.

Enjoy your birthday. Don't party too hard ;)

August 08, 2005 2:46 AM

Blogger Ihsan said...

Happy Birthday man....

Nice photos, I envy you for having old family photos! I think I lost all the ones we have :(

August 08, 2005 4:01 AM

Blogger Zena said...

That was an interesting post. I enjoyed reading it.
And I'm a little curious....

See ya

August 08, 2005 4:29 AM

Blogger Roba said...

happy birthday :)
inshalla ya rab 3o2bal il meet saneh!
and Leos rock!!!

August 08, 2005 4:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm really sorry for your uncle, hope he'll get out of prison soon. he's a real hero!

August 08, 2005 6:05 AM

Blogger Sinan said...

:D Happy birthday man :D
And please stay away from fire, you're not a trusty person around ii :P

August 08, 2005 6:13 AM

Blogger Dina said...

Happy Birthday Yazan:) Nice post, I love looking at old photos :)

August 08, 2005 6:55 AM

Blogger Dina said...

oh and I forgot to say that you were an adorable baby!

August 08, 2005 6:57 AM

Blogger Ayman said...

If I am not mistaken that's your dad in the 2nd picture and God you are a photocopy of him! Happy birthday Yazan. Hope this new year will bring you all the luck and happiness in the world.

August 08, 2005 7:32 AM

Anonymous Abeer said...

Happy Birthday my friend :D
i loved your post!! and thw pictures are just wonderful.. like dina said u were an adorable baby..
inshalla 3o2bal el 3omor kollo :) wish all of your days are flourished with joys and happiness! :)

August 08, 2005 9:10 AM

Blogger Yazan said...

Thank u, all of ya...
I'm grateful to each and every one of ya..


August 08, 2005 8:55 PM

Blogger Ghalia said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you...
Great Pic, I finally came to c ur dad, cuz we read a lot about him through ur poetry...

August 08, 2005 11:25 PM

Blogger allosh said...

keep this breathless charm...
maaaaaaaaaan you're 19? damn!!
well whaat can i say just happy birthday...
be sure it's really happy... i think it was.. considering i wasn't there!!

August 10, 2005 11:19 PM

Blogger Yazan said...

thx ghalia, alloush... huge thx..

August 10, 2005 11:28 PM

Blogger Ahmad said...

That's a lot of adventures u had. I just discovered your blog, it's very interesting. it's kinda late but Happy birthday.

August 17, 2005 4:12 PM

Anonymous somnia vesperis said...

A very happy birthday from another August-8th-baby ;-) Yalla u seem to be a nice guy so I don't mind sharing my bday with u ;-)
I just came across ur blog and I like it a lot. Keep up the good work. Same thing for all the other Syrian bloggers out there: it's fun and enlightening to see things through ur eyes when being so far away :-)
Take care

August 19, 2005 9:39 PM


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