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Thursday, August 18, 2005


wasn't in town for a while...
so, as always, I'll just pin-point the highlights of my week..
- I'm re-listening to the "Lifelines" album by A-Ha... so I'm in a tooooootal peace-of-mind state..
- Parents got lost in Amman on their way home, and according to my dad, he was the reason for a HUGE traffic jam in "SOMEWHERE", Amman... well, sorry Ammanites...
- Hotter than it's ever been here in Latakia, and the humidity is striking new records... a PEREFCT state for a day on the beach... but after all these news about sharks fleet escaping to the meditarranean, and the incidents here... I'd rather put that off my schaduale for a couple days...
- Stunned and Proud of the syrian artist Hala Faisal, with all do respect to every opinion about this issue, I need to get this off my chest... her naked body there is stronger than ur maleness and definitly purer than ur babblings, her "Stop The War" sentence written over it, is more sacred than any holy book u can bring, and her standing there in Washington Square, NY [Thanx Ihsan] is honest in a way that's beyond ur understanding...
- Now in Syria. Finally, we got our own home-made PEPSI, good news for evebody's addicted to coka here!!
- The news about "Abu Jamal" and "Shehabi" being prosecuted and fleeing to France gives me very mixed feelings, I still can't confirm them... I still can't even comprehend them..
- I'm finally getting some time off to start my volunteer translation job at HospitalityClub.org, anybody's registered there is welcome to send feedbacks... in fact, PLZ DO!
- VERY excited about Age of Empires 3 primary release date [espcially after the disappointments of Age of Mythology], AOE is the only computer game that I'm TOTALLY addicted to, and one of the few that I actually play... infact, we [OBSESSIVE-AOE-FANS-IN-LATAKIA] have our own league!!
- Read a few articles about Steve Jobbs the co-finder of Apple, and I have to admit that I underestimated his innovations and creativity, he's a real genius... a special thanks to Baher for triggering me...
- Borders with lebanon are still subject the twisted minds that's leading this country straight off the bridge... last thing I heard was that Dabbousieh and 3areedah are OK, but Masna3 is closed... + u gotta eat every single Galaxy chocolates u got before u enter the syrian check points!!
- I'm not generalizing, but I do feel that we [Syrians] are very chauvinist. for instance, we do look down to the Gulf Ppl, and especially Saudis, we have a pre-made vision about the closeness of other communities [compared to our own, OFCOURSE], while in some cases this might prove true, in others it isn't... I know that I do, I'm sorry about, I've been working on it... I know a lot of ppl that do too, I'm not proud of it... but that's true.. I said somewhere that I believe in Human Beings as a whole.... I do, but as always, at times of trouble smaller belongings grow over wider ones, I'm trying to fight the feeling that my [Syrianism] is more important than my [Humanism]...

cheers everyone!


Blogger Ihsan said...

What shark incidents in Lattakia man? tell us!

P.S. She protested in Washington Square in NY, not in Washington D.C. :-D

August 18, 2005 4:29 PM


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