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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

The controversies of Ma3arry

lately, I've been reading the letters between Abu Al3ala2 Alma3arry and Hibat Allah Al-Shirazy [Da3y Aldo3at Alfatemy]... 3 Letters from Shirazy and 2 answers from Al-Ma3arry... a piece of art... and a splendid demonstration of how flexible the arabic language is... these mails took place the mid-5th century [Hijry]..

I'm still not finished with them, I've read them twice but I still can't understand fully what's really between the lines... a real conflict of ideas... a conflict that we can clearly relate to these days!!

A thought in the first Ma3arry letter, I feel I should share here.. cuz I strongly believe in this logic..

Ma3arry was discussying the phrase "La yaf3alu allaho illa 7airan", a group of possibilities for the correct interpretation come up..

1. That this phrase is litterly honest, but he argues that all the evils in life prove it wrong, even the prophet Mohammed used to Seek refuge with god from evil, if the phrase was correct there shouldn't be a reason for this...
2. That this phrase is not correct, i.e. it's a lie, and that's not probable, because it would bad manners regarding god.
3. That this phrase is reflected [sth in the Arabic language], which means that God is the doer of both good and evil.
4. The possibility that there's both a god for good and a god for evil, which shouldn't be probable too.

After listing these possibilities, Ma3arry avoids selecting one and starts discussing the Evil doing... again with possibilites,
1. Either god knows about it, or he doesn't [Which is not probable too]..
2. If he knows then, he either agrees [or have consent] on it or he doesn't..
3. If he agrees then he's the doer..
4. If he doesn't agree, then he's not even "At the level of a ruler on Earth" - Ma3arry's words, because any ruler would react towards evil when it happens in his lands...

He brings some history examples proving his point, the death of Hussien, who was killed with the knowledge and consent and will of god, was it good or evil?! if good then it happened with the consent of God, so why do Shiites [Shirazy was obviously Fatimi, i.e. Shiite] curse the killer day and night?!, and if it was Evil, then why did the Godly Wisdom allow it to happen...?!
Again, if God has the whole will, then why can't he get faith inside an unbeliever's heart, instead of allowing wars and believers get killed..!!! and if everything is written then where's the choice in life?! and where's the fairness in punishment?!... questions that are tightly hidden inside Ma3arry's words...

I can only qoute him talking about this huge contradiction in the interpretation of God, saying

تناقض ما لنا إلا السكوت له وأن نعوذ بمولانا من النار

Just thought I'd share this...


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