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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

The Show MUST NOT Go On!!

for any Queen fans, Sorry about the title! anyways,
on Feb. 20th.. On BBC World, it was a sunday and it was a Talking Point episode about the big event back then
"PM Hariri's Assasination - Syrian-Lebanese Relations"... earlier that week I happened to send a comment to BBC about that program and becuz of it. They called me on air..
I don't remeber what I babled there, but, the one thing I remeber was Mrs. Shabaan replying that "Syrian withdrawal of Lebanon was a BILATERAL issue for the two states to decide", needless to say, a couple months after, They pulled the troops out, and needless to say too, that it wasn't the lebanese gvmt. that asked Syrian troops out.. it was international pressure (not undermining the effect of march 14th rev.)...
It's just that, how bold can u be to just lie like that, more important how STUPID!!!!! is Mrs. Shabaan gonna be our next "Muhammed Said Sahhaf"?????!! we got a whole set of Iraq staff down here, we just needed this kind of Press person.. great we got it.. call the US in..!!!
well, most of ya saw the press briefing she did today, that was exactly like "OMG, Do u think that all these reporters here are bunch of idiots?!!!!!!" Damn, she's got nerve!
Moving on into piss up no2
I AM SYRIAN, I LIVE ON THIS LAND>> AND I AM INSULTED, I FEEL VIOLATED BY THIS PARTY'S CONGRESS!!! How can ya summerize one of the first ever inhabited places on the planet with one party?!!! I don't feel okay, when the future of almost 20millions inside syria -and god knows how many abroad- is attached to one party congress!!!
I wanna know, how can the same person who read the Bulletin No1 witch called for the "Emergency Laws" 40 years ago turn into a pro-democracy angel calling for that same Law to be removed... how can ya trust the same ppl who had strangeled syrians for the last 40 years to be the new era reformers... I don't!!  I just don't...


Anonymous DEAD WORM said...

man... i think it all makes sense... it's just a part of the chain... never mind... it's always been the same... but believe me, and trust me... EVEN IF THEY ARE LETHAL... they're just poisening themselves...

June 08, 2005 4:04 AM

Blogger Yazan said...

yeah I'm sure "dead worms" and "stupid corners" have such a poisonous effect on dictators... ;)

June 08, 2005 5:15 AM


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