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Friday, June 10, 2005

Hurray, I'm learning French!!!

soo, one of the most important stuff going on in my life lately are my french courses... I'm doing them at the CCF-Latakia.....
has anybody of ya studying french noticed how stupid the language is... I mean i like french ppl and everything and they're so sweet, lovely and there nice girls there I bet... but R YA GUYS THAT STUPID NOT TO BE ABLE TO DEIFFERNCIATE BETWEEN MALES AND FEMALES>>> all the grammar in French is about males and females... is it realy that hard in france to notice the difference without having to actually complicate the whole fucking language with all these nonsense!!!!! okay okay I know Arabic does the same... but HEY we're a developing nation.. we're allowed to be as much STUPID as we want..!!!!!!!! but ur FRANCE>>> HELLO!!

anways.. I'm losing track here... so my D2 teacher is a lovely french lady... let's just call her Mrs. D... she's soooo great and "sympa" + she's a blonde with this PERFECT haircut EVER... I donno how she does that but IT IS PERFECT>>> anyways...
two things I HATE the most bout her..
1. she MOCKS syrians!!! SHE DOES>>> and SHE DOES IT WITH ATTITUDE>>> and in a reallyyyyyy mean way.. how?! well, whenever we're talking about almost ANYTHING... she says sth like "Yeah, well syrians aren't noisy! are they?!" with a little devilish smile... and before u know the whole class starts "Yeah RIGHT" and starts making jokes... OMG PPPLLLLLLL>>> HOW MUCH IDIOTS CAN U ACTUALLY BE??????????? can't ya see she's MOCKING YA>>> SHE'S RUBBING UR NOSE TO THE DIRT>>> and U don't even KNOW!!! and whenever she does that... she truns at me with a VICTORY smile... NANANANANANAAAAAAAA!!!!!! OMG>>> at that time I'm like "HEY where were ya when my damascene ANCESTORS KNOCKED UR ANCESTORS in TOLOUSE HA ;) ????????????!!!! I bet, u weren't drinkin ur Pina Colada on a Hawaii beach ha?!! hehe....... comon sister, let's settle this right now right here!!!!! arghhhhhhh"!! *Snubby french*!! <<but u don't realy.. get the chance to say it...>> :(
2. SHE mocks me... she just loves to give me a laughing round everytime I sleep-off during a class... or when I'm late... I mean... How mean is SHE!!! it's enough humiliation that i'm sleeping in my seat.. to hear everybody LAUGHING ABOUT IT!!!

well... it isn't realy that bad realy... I was just kidding... cuz i wanted to talk about these courses and i got nothing to say... cuz stupid me couldn't catch a SINGLE french word during 6 months courses <<AND COUNTING>>!!!

sooo... thanx Mrs. D... for turning this horrible course into an enjoyable experience with lots of mocking.. ;) and I'm actually starting to get over the fact of how STUPID french language is... and Starting to like it... thanx to ya!! hehe ;) I'll be looking forward to the next course... ofcourse if u don't shoot me the next time I walk through that door.. ;)



Blogger Stellar said...

I've studied French for 2 years when I was back in high school, I HATED IT. Anyways, so since I never used it, all the info I had is gone. I just know a few things here and there.

You know what though? I seriously feel that I'll be learning it again soon enough.

June 11, 2005 8:25 PM

Blogger Ghalia said...

Frensh is great! CCF in Damas looks better! our classes look larger! yallah Good luck:) ana M2:(

June 13, 2005 4:44 PM

Blogger Yazan said...

@stellar... I am using it and i can't seem to get all these stupid grammars!

@ghalia... yeah, OKAY thx.. like i don't hate our CCF enough!! hehe... M2?!! jeeze I'm getting there on this rate! good lux

June 13, 2005 6:52 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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