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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Damien Rice - O

anybody heard of Damien Rice...
well, he's an Irish singer... he's great... I only heard his last album "O"... a typical catch-an-eye name for wierdos like me!!
I got it like a week ago.... well actually 3 of us split the price so i had to go through a night of negotiations to go home with the album before the other 2... and GOD, IT WAS WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!

OMG... I've never felt an urge to cry when hearing music like this time...... I MISSED This feeling... I haven't felt like great music for a while now.. I donno maybe since Coldplay's "A Rush of Blood To The Head".... or Travis' "The Invisible Band".... anyways... this album is a MUST-GET.....

especially this track 7... "Cheers Darling"... I'm listening to it now.. god, it's a symbol of every fuck-up in ur entire life, every girl u should've been with, everytime u lost a friend, and everytime u felt like ur lonely as hell, every single thing u did wrong... everytime u felt like u wanna just die, and everytime u actually tried to!!!!!!! it goes along greatly with track 9 "I Remember"..... Perfect mixture of a suicidal-pill... this track has the perfect vocals i've ever heard... so good it gets into ur spine and fills every little space in ur hollow mind... u feel like ur head is working million times faster... lots of memories, ppl... things coming back.. lots of stuff being processed all over again.... I cried like hell the first time I heard it... sometimes u need this kinda motivation to just cry everything out.. all ur desperation and failures and all of those of the ppl surrounding u... when this track is finished... u'll get to the end of this horrible but yet astounding journey with a perfect lift-up.. track 10 "Eskimo"... u can actually smile again after hearing this track...

tiredness fuels empty thoughts
i find myself disposed
brightness fills empty space
in search of inspiration
harder now with higher speed
washing in on top of me so
i look to my eskimo friend when i’m down down down"

u feel like u just found ur Eskimo friend... and u wonder where has it been all these years...!

never to forget, track 3 "The Blower's Daughter"... if any of u had seen the movie "Closer" he must've been enchanted with the "I can't get my eyes off of you..." vocals all through the movie.. well this is "The Blower's Daughter"...

All the other tracks are just as good... but these are my personal favorites.. maybe cuz I can rflect on them... I'm sure u'll remember a lot of feelings long forgotten with this album.. I know I did...


Blogger Sou said...

Wow! F.B. Your descriptions are fabulous!! I hope you're thinking of taking up a career in journalism!!

Well, i passed by thru Granny Funk's blog!

And i'm SO getting this album!! Love your description!!! (I could keep on going on and on you know!) hehehe..

I'll be back! YES I WILL! (hmm..did that make sense?)

Ta ta for now :D

June 07, 2005 10:09 AM

Blogger Yazan said...

ooh, hey.. nice to see actuall ppl (other than me) reading my blog! ;)

thx.. but no.. I'm supposed to be a computer freak.. + not realy into journalism, OH! definitly NOT!!! though my dad is btw...!! ironic ha?!

and plz DO tell me when u get the album... I like being right from time to time... especially in music...:))))

it'll be nice seein ya around ;)

June 07, 2005 1:07 PM

Blogger Ghalia said...

Very nice blog:)

June 08, 2005 7:16 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

.. woow man.. u almost made me cry while reading that!!! it's like i already feel the song!! lol
so ur good in writing ha?? wt about the smooth talking?? r u good at that 2??? loool .. jokin
but really ur a stunning writer .. good 4 u.. i couldn't take my eyes of ur words..

hope i'll listen 2 the cd 1day..
{M!zz $wEeT & SoFt }

June 08, 2005 7:40 AM


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